May 1, 2008

Bye, Bye Brooke and Science Fair

See Idol the other night? How in the world did Jason once again skirt past the bottom two? What is up with you people voting for him!? I would love to hear from anyone that is voting for Jason and for them to give me the reason you are voting to keep him around...

In the meantime, we say goodbye to Brooke. Admittedly, she has been way too inconsistent, and I think that's what lead to her demise on the show. She would have rock-solid performances only to follow those up with ones that I couldn't remember now if my life depended on it.

Tyler had to finish up his Science Fair project tonight. Because he was the last in the class to get to choose his topic, he ended up with either plants or guinea pigs. He chose the guinea pigs. Do we HAVE one? Nope. Did we know anyone that DID have one? Nope. As we frantically searched, hoping NOT to have to buy one, Emily chimed in every so often by saying, "I know how to draw a guinea pig" and "I can draw a guinea pig in a cage. I know what they look like." While we assured her that we were positive she could draw one, we went about trying to figure out who actually HAD one.

Eventually, the right words came out in the right order and Emily heard us. She chimed in. "Maggie has a guinea pig." We were floored. Emily had just eaten supper at Maggie's house not long before this revelation. Shan made a phone call, and sure enough, Maggie had one... The wonders of children....

So, we conducted color tests in order to determine whether a guinea pig could tell the difference between red and blue. Well, I say "we" but really, Tyler found the experiment and all I did was move the plates and handle the little critter (the guinea pig, not Tyler). Anyway, after training the thing to go to the red plate for food, the plates were then emptied. The pig was returned to its starting place and then Tyler recorded which color plate the thing went to. If it went to red, we gave it a treat. If it went to blue, no treat.

Not only did the guinea pig favor the red plate, but 9 out of the 10 total times it went to the blue plate, it actually KICKED the blue plate out of the way after it got there! It was the funniest, weirdest thing we had seen!

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