Nov 26, 2007

Nutt'in for Christmas

How could I forget to mention the "biggest news in Razorback Nation?" Houston Nutt quit the Razorbacks mid-year, without so much as any explanation. I knew it was happening before the official press conference though, because talk radio was abuzz with talk of Nutt going to Ole Miss. As it turns out, many people would be surprised if he does not end up at Ole Miss.

I think it's pretty crappy for a coach to bail out before the end of the school year, period. Be a man, finish the season and the school year. Of course, had he stayed on and let Broyles fire his butt, he would have had much more in-pocket money. As it is, he is getting like 2.5 million to be bought out. Now, that's what I need - a contract that say if I quit, my employer must buy out the remainder of my contract. I would love to get six months pay without doing anything but quitting my job! How sweet is that!?

Who will permanently take Nutt's place? Who knows...

Speaking of quitting, Trent Lott beat Nutt to the punch by announcing his own departure from the Senate. He announced it this morning, but said he would finish out this session. Well, I think he should finish out his term, but at least he is sticking around to make sure his "team" finishes the game for the year....

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