Nov 24, 2007

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas!

Traditionally, the Christmas season officially arrives at our house the day after Thanksgiving! This year, the tradition continues! :-) Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I've got about 10,000 words or so to show you. :-) (Well, plus the actual words that serve as commentary to each picture...) These are not in chronological order, though that is more due to my lack of getting the whole 'order of uploading pictures' than anything else... :-)

Our animated Holiday Mickey and guitar-playing Santa. Okay, really, Santa just stands there, long devoid of batteries. :-)

Just like in real life, I am kinda fuzzy when it comes to the details. :-) Here, I am working on the display we have on top of the entertainment center (see below).

Here is our fully decorated tree. The tree is pre-lit with mini-bulbs (before LEDs were being used in trees) and it has fiber optics. For some reason, there are shorts throughout the tree, so we have to improvise and string our own lights on our pre-lit tree. I am pretty sure Dad is laughing at us about now... :-)

Here are stockings and Shan's Mickey Ornament collection. She has two ornament holders that we put ONLY her Mickey Mouse ones on! She has more than a dozen, so they don't all fit on the hanger! Very cute!

Here is my saxophone-playing, hip-wiggling, toe-tapping Coke Santa. He is also devoid of batteries, much to the chagrin of Emily. :-)

Yes, just like in Friends, we have a Holiday Armadillo... Emily was not too sure what to make of it!

Emily is hanging a Santa ornament she made last year (I think it was last year).

Here she is posing with her artistic creation! :-)

Tyler got into the act (kicking and screaming, as pre-teens tend to do when it comes to this kind of thing). Here, he is putting empty ornament boxes back into the storage container. As you can see, this requires much concentration and calculation! :-)

After it's all over, Emily hops up in Mimi's lap for a photo-op! :-)

Here is a shot of our entertainment center. I'm hoping you can click on it to see a clearer, larger version of the image. The ornaments here are all "plug-in" style, so I took pre-lit garland and plugged the ornaments into it. :-) Ain't I clever?

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