Nov 19, 2007

The 80's Game

The other day, while poking around the 'net, I came across "The 80's Game" (google it). I downloaded it, and we've been hooked ever since. It features Martha Quinn as the hostess! Come on, you remember her! From MTV when MTV was brand-new and played (gasp!) music videos all day long!

Anyway, Shan and I are teaming our way through the "Episodes" part of the game. Tonight, we took on Madonna questions, Cola Wars, and Dumb Movies. Naturally, I was able to answer nearly all of the Dumb Movie questions and get the correct year for each. :-) Something about me and dumb movies. But, hey, when a question comes up about "Strange Brew," you KNOW I'm gonna get that puppy right! Ahh.. Bob and Doug McKenzie... Such fond memories, you hoser!

I spent much of the day multitasking! After Shan and the kids headed off to school, I began my quest to clean the home office. It took me about 3 hours or so, but it looks much better now! While doing that, I started supper. I made crock-pot lasagna, following a recipe Shan has.

Here's the thing about those recipes... Shan doesn't follow them. I am a 'by-the-book' kinda cook. If the recipe calls for something, I put it in. I really should have talked to Shan before I started, because then I would have been fine. Instead, I kinda winged it based on what we had and what was on the paper. All in all, it wasn't too bad, but it was overcooked. I think it's time for a new crock-pot... or a new cook... At least it wasn't spaghetti, right!? :-)

After cleaning the office, I decided it was time to really clean house. By that, I mean, it is time to sell off some of the sports cards I've had taking up space. So, I headed for eBay and began the great sell-off. I am starting somewhat small. I listed 137 items. As of this writing, 38 already have bidders. I think that's pretty good, since they just got listed this afternoon! :-)

I'll let you know how things go as the days progress... :-) Tomorrow I am going to list more items.

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