Nov 8, 2007


Shan and I watched an episode of Reba the other day. It was first episode I ever saw, and it turned out to be their finale, so there you go. It was a re-run, but still, the one time I watch it, and I see the finale... Anywho, the neighbor in the show visits Reba and proceeds to talk about "pre-divorce" sex. During the conversation, in her best porn music imitation, she spouts the title line of today's post. We were rolling on the floor. I knew I had to use it as the title! :-)

My interview with the local radio station went pretty well, depending on who you talk to. Shan said it was good. Emily was excited that her Daddy was on the radio. Tyler and I missed it because we were listening to the MP3 player in the truck - DUH, how dumb was I? Someone at work said something to the effect that I had done alright up until the point I said, "We may be sitting there with our jaws on the floor saying, 'How cool is THIS!?'" Her point was that I sounded like some hick who was overcome by the technology we use. Hick or not, I want you to stop and think about what is going to take place on Thursday: Over 200 sites around the WORLD are going to connect their video systems over the Internet in one global video conference. Excuse me while I repeat myself - HOW COOL IS THAT!?!? I don't care how much technology I know about or how much I use, the absolute wonder of what we can DO with that technology still blows me away. That's the kid in me. I love to WONDER. I love to be CURIOUS. And, I love to be completely blown out of the water when something huge takes place that I have a direct part in!

Back to the interview.... I walked in and sat down in front of the mic. The last time I was in front of a studio mic was about 12 years ago. I managed the college station while working at the local station (of where I went to college, not the same station I went to on Tuesday). It felt good to be behind the mic. There's just something "cool" about being on the radio, I think... :-) Anyway, Mark asked me several questions, and we basically had a 15 minute fireside chat about the Megaconference, about what I do at the co-op, about the services the co-op provides in addition to what I do... It was fun!

At work, I receive several publications - some of which directly pertain to my job and others I have no idea why I get them. One such magazine is "Advanced Imaging." Okay, it's about lenses and cameras and other electronic imaging stuff, so it's kinda related to my job. Anyway,

The guy I told you about before that had his motorcycle die on him? Well, he has a new ride now, so I made up a song. He helped by providing the subject line of the email, and the rest is parody-er, history... I changed his last name to "Lastname" in the song posted here, just to protect his name...

"Got Bike Will Travel" (parody of "Have Gun Will Travel")
By David (because I can...)
(you have to use your imagination to get some of the lines to fit the

"Got bike will travel" reads the subject line.
Bob has a new bike, and he's doin' fine.

His new Ninja tires heed the calling wind.
No man of fortune, traded the ol' "Mean Green" in!

Lastname, Lastname, where do you ride?
Lastname, Lastname, down on Sixty-nine.

He travels on to wherever he must,
In a new 250, he'll have to place in his trust.

There are barstool legends that old riders tell
Of the man with Ninja
Of the man with rebel yell

Lastname, Lastname where do you ride?
Lastname, Lastname on Route Sixty-Nine
Then Seventy-one, Forty Home...

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  1. I love Reba's show! Now, since you've only watched it for the first time, I will give you the gist. Reba has divorced Brock who is a dentist and cheated on her with his assistant, Barbara Jean, who is now his wife. Barbara Jean thinks her and Reba are friends. Reba and Brock's kids, Sheyanne and Jake along with Sheyanne's husband Van and their baby, Elizabeth, live with Reba. Kira, the middle child lives with Brock and Barbara Jean wholive next door or 2 doors down, but very close anyway.Van is somewhat of a dimwhitted football player-semi pro and Sheyanne is a somewhat controlling ditzy blonde. Brock has sold the dentist practice to become a pro golfer and now Barbara Jean wants a divorce and wants her and Reba to hang and pick up men. Thus the adventures of the extended family causes much frustration and mayhem in Reba's life.