Nov 27, 2007

Calling it like I see it...

(found this gem while searching the 'net for Nutt pics...)

Houston Nutt did in fact accept the head coaching job at Ole Miss, just as I had said was talked about yesterday. Between Houston's running off of certain players (Mustain, anyone?) and his bazillion text messages, it was time for Nutt to take his idiosyncrasies elsewhere. And, since Mississippi is one of the few states that beats us in most "lowest" statistics, how fitting that Nutt wind up, down... there. :-)

Tyler's Gameboy sales on eBay were pretty good, I'd say, considering the games were all at least 4 years old, I believe... In all, he sold 9 of the 10 games, and pulled in more than $40 before shipping charges are added in. He would have made a little there, but the listing fees and payment fees and the actual postage will eat that up. The way I see it, he earned enough from old game he no longer plays to buy a new one, if he chooses... Nothing wrong with that in my book...

I came across "The House of Dave" after trying to locate the "Daves-I-Know" web site (the domain does not exist anymore). Why, you ask? Well, my Tribe Tradeaway is officially started, now that I have received some cards to trade, and it turns out, the guy who sent me the cards is named Dave. Well, part of the trade deal is that I randomly select two 2007 Upper Deck Goudey cards from a recent box-break and I send those back as a trade for the cards people send to me. So, when I reach in and grab two cards, both players are named DAVID. Suddenly, we have the David that sent me his cards, my name is David (duh), and the two cards I am sending out are Davids. That is just toooo weird in my book... :-) So, as I was posting the trade, the old "Kids in the Hall" song started playing in my head: "These are the Daves I know, I know, these are the Daves I know..." Come on, sing it with me! No? Not a fan of KITH? Never heard of "Kids in the Hall??" Man, you missed out...

On Wednesday, I am teaching administrators how to use Palm-based PDA's. I have two hours to give them the basics of how to turn them on, perform Hot Syncs, enter information, and make them feel comfortable with their new friend. There will be about 15 people that I'll be teaching. I have not seen the list of folks who will be attending, so pray for me. Or better yet, pray for THEM. :-)

And in case you didn't have enough to think about, here are a few of today's happening: Sean Alexander dies from a gunshot wound to the groin, The guy who invented Gatorade died, Emeril's show got cancelled, a guy in Hot Springs finds a decomposed body (been there for months) near his house, Carson Daly is not a member of the writer's guild so he is 'crossing the lines' and going ahead with new material, and a racecar driver takes home the "Dancing with the Stars" trophy. Oh yeah, on a happier note, there were about 11,000 babies born today in the United States.

See, there is good news (babies), if you know where to Google... :-)

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