Feb 5, 2007

Worth a (few) thousand words...and gymnastics

Click on any image to see a larger version, if you're so inclined..... :-)

The assembly line - from near to far: The children's old Dell, the P4 1.7, and the new Dual Core 2.8 (See the cool blue lights on the new computer!)

Another assembly line picture - notice the yellow... the keyboard is Corvette yellow...)

Emily and Tyler find a unique angle to watch the snow falling onto the deck....

Emily has started tumbling around as if she were doing cartwheels. Shan told her that we needed to sign her up for gymnastics. Shan told me that Emily's eyes grew wide as she jumped up, ran over and hugged Shan, very excitedly. After a brief moment, she pulled back, looked at Shan, and said, "What's gymnastics?!" Dontcha love kids? :-)

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