Feb 16, 2007

Tartar Sauce!

Well, I couldn't remember what my blog colors looked like before the V-Day change... So, I picked the default, but I don't think the colors are right... Oh well, not like the Earth will stop rotating because my blog does or does not have the 'correct' color scheme... :-)

Finally caught up with Nashville Star, American Idol, and Grease! You're the One That I Want!... It is so weird watching these shows with such different performers. What is really strange is that some people on one show (say, Grease!) would actually be better suited (I think) on Idol... I was going to suggest that someone from Star could be on Grease!, but come on... Totally different sound... LOL

Soon, I will be getting an Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) for work. I can't wait! They are so cool! I am hoping it basically replaces my laptop and my Palm! We'll see, and I'll keep ya posted, I'm sure....

You can always tell when Daisy is freezing her hooves off - at feeding time, she dances around all over the place and won't stand still... Not even to EAT! It's cute, and a little sad... Of course, to touch her when it's cold, you wouldn't believe how WARM she feels... All that 'winter coat,' I would suppose.. :-)

The kids' monitor went out last night, so I'm thinking about getting an LCD for the 'big' computer and handing down the 17-inch monitor to the kiddos... Aren't I a great Dad? :-)

Popped in my head: Don't you think by now, Coke could just call their primary cola "Coca-Cola" without the 'Classic' attached to it? Of course, "Coca-Cola Classic" is probably the best 'worst' thing that happened to Coke... :-)

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