Feb 8, 2007

Small Worlds

Turns out that sitting at the same table where I was placed during the conference today were two men from Pennsylvania. One man had been offered (but turned down) the Superintendent job for Elizabeth-Forward High School. I went to E-F Jr high and spent 9th grade at E-F High - Go Warriors! :-)

The other man was actually the financial officer at E-F High during the time I was there. How weird is that!? So, we talked about where I lived, relatives, etc... It was cool to run into folks from 'my hometown' so many miles from there and so many years later! :-)

This evening's meal went much better - steak fajitas, rice, pico.. oh yeah! Of course, they had shrimp and ribs, too, but I just walked on by... Well, until my boss said to grab some shrimp for her. :-) For dessert, I had a fried coconut-covered ice cream treat... Okay, if I had to guess, I would say that there was at least half a pint of ice cream on the plate... It was HUGE! I didn't eat it all, but I wanted to... :-)

Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in her hotel room. She already had so many comparisons to Marilyn Monroe before this, the media will have a field day... My heart goes out to her newborn...

I was told it's below 32 in Arkansas. We're still somewhere near 70 in Houston... So much for the heat wave... :-) The drive back home should be fun!

My 'keep telling yourself its chocolate' escapade is reaching urban-legendary status among the folks at the conference... People are learning (and ribbing me about) just how picky of an eater I am... I have not even approached the subject of my food not touching! I'd rather not be locked up before I got back home, you know! :-)

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