Feb 7, 2007

Houston, we have...rain for rent...

Yee-Haw, Y'all! I'm coming to you 'live' from Houston, Texas! I'm here on business for an Educational Service Center Expo, or something like that. Anyway, we're going to visit the Region IV education service center and learn how they've taken their services to the 'next level.'

On the way here, we kept seeing these trucks with "Rain for Rent" signs on them. Now, immediately, what popped in my head was those signs you see that read, "Dirt for Sale" or "Rocks for Sale" etc... Of course, I had to go online to see what they were about... Rain For Rent's website explains who they are and what they do... They provide 'liquid-handling' solutions... Need a temporary reservoir of water? Call 'em up... Need irrigation for your fields? Dial the digits... Who knew!? (Okay, probably everyone EXCEPT me, but there ya go...)

We also saw a sign advertising something called spit-free "Hard Snuff." According to their website, it is a powdered tobacco, compressed into a pellet that dissolves in the user's mouth... Look, when I was younger, I tried snuff... There is no way I would put some kind of powered version that dissolves in my mouth like candy for me to swallow... UGH...

NASA is going to review their psychological screening process because of the whole psycho-astronaut episode. Ya THINK!?!? DUH! Then again, people could pass with flying colors, only to later get sucked into something similar to what happened... Well, okay, maybe not quite as EXTREME (I mean, come on, wearing Depends cross-country so you wouldn't have to stop??)

Tonight, I had a meal that contained at least a few things off my 'never acquire the taste' list... Yeesh.. Funny how life works out that way.... See, it started with a lobster bisque (basically, fish soup). From there, we moved up to a spinach salad. I had the folks near me rolling with laughter at my reactions. I told John to keep telling himself it was chocolate... I don't think it worked for either of us... The main course was some kind of crab cake and fillet Mignon. The crab cake might not have been bad, except I had to keep pulling cartilage out... GROSS! Nope, it was nasty. The Mignon was at least BEEF! Of course, it was WAY too pink for my happy butt, however, it was beef so I concentrated on the TASTE and not the look... Lindy joked that if I did a good job eating, she'd take me to McDonald's..... I was hoping she was serious, but no... The shuttle did NOT stop at Wendy's on the way back to the hotel either...... Dessert was Mango Flan... Citrus, sweet, a little sour or bitter... I dunno, way too many things happening there... :-)

So, at least I can say I have TRIED several things on my 'never' list, and that's more than I could say a day ago.....

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