Feb 8, 2007

Pointing the finger...

Have you seen this: GM should drop the (suicidal robot) ad now, says former Energy secretary Donald Hodel, who also was Interior secretary in the Reagan administration. Hodel's teenage son committed suicide 23 years ago. "They should never have run that commercial, and they shouldn't run it again," says Hodel, who says he and his wife were shocked when they saw it. "If I had a child who committed suicide some time after watching that ad, I'd seriously consider consulting a lawyer and suing GM."

Excuse me? If a teenager kills him/herself after seeing this ad, the parents should sue?? You have GOT to be kidding me... If anyone kills him/herself, there is no one factor that pushes that person to the breaking point. Maybe the parents should sue the tennis shoe company he/she was wearing, maybe the clothing manufacturer, or how about parents sue EACH OTHER, since obviously they missed the signs that their child was in sucha mental state to begin with... Wait, we better sue every restaurant, television show, and new program that child ever watched. I know, we better sue the church the person attended because obviously the church did not do its job to prevent such an end.... Give me a break.

Of course, some gays are bashing the Snickers commercial for being 'homophobic.' You know, the one where the two guys are working on the car.... Homophobic because they jump back and get 'manly?' Again, give me a break.

Maybe we should combine both ads - after the kiss, the guy jumps off a cliff.... Then, we have a whole new group of people we could sue!


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