Feb 21, 2007

Simon -Teletubbies- Cowell and other things to make you laugh...

Did you know that Simon Cowell was responsible for getting the "Teletubbies Christmas" album released? Umm... Here is the man who is partly responsible for the future of American music, and he signed the Teletubbies?? No wonder Chris had a field day with him on that one! Need sources? Here's one, and here's another.

If you've never watched one of the "Biggest Loser" workout DVD's, you're missing a treat. In the one we have, Bob (the trainer) leads some of the contestants through exercises as he leads the viewer(s). During the program, he 'talks' to the viewer, offering advice, encouragement, etc. At one point, he says something about the exercise mat ("Get down on your mat" or something like that). Emily, having had quite enough of exercising by this point, never skips a beat, and angrily says, "We don't have a mat, BOB!" I never laughed so hard during exercise in my life... :-)

The first 'real' round of American Idol was last night. Shan, Emily and I made a chart and 'voted' YES or NO as each male singer did his thing... Frankly, no one blew my socks off this year. Any of the guys could get booted from the show, and I'd have no qualms about it. In the past, that would not have been (and was not) the case. All I can say is that I hope the women do better... I made the comment that looking at the women, and watching their mini recaps during the guys performances, no one jumped off the screen at me. Guess we'll see how the women do tonight.

By the way, have you seen Vote for the Worst? The site tries to pick the worst singer and push votes for that person. Their goal is to show how flawed the voting system is. Now, do not be fooled by their claims for success. You see, they pick someone to vote for. If that person gets voted off, they just pick someone else. Talk about flawed.... But, the site does have some fun discussion (at times)... I *did* say "at times," just remember that....

Okay, while poking around the 'net, I came across a site that has all kinds of funny/weird items collected over the years from the Internet... By far, some of the funniest come from the snippets of usenet posts. Because I'm in such a weird mood, I'll share some with ya:

  • Subject: Re: Looking to acquire
    From: Material Guy
    Newsgroups: sci.engr.manufacturing, sci.engr.mech, alt.technology.obsolete
    ted kraus wrote:
    > Looking to acquire technology that might be obsolete but still has
    > some "life" in it as a product
    > ted.kraus@...
    As a 56 year old PhD with Aerospace background, I probably qualify as somewhat obsolete technology which still has some life to it. What do you offer?

  • Subject: Re: Recipe Roast Lamb NEEDED.
    From: Lyndon Watson (Lyndon Watson)
    Newsgroups: soc.culture.new-zealand
    Frank van der Hulst writes:
    > Lyndon Watson (Lyndon Watson) wrote:
    >> Yes, well, ... there is in fact nothing required to roast the lamb in
    >> the traditional NZ way except just ... putting the thing in the oven
    >> and roasting it.
    > I tried that... it was a real b*stard getting it to stay in the oven
    > though.
    Yes, the old problem. The genuine old country cooking range - and this is a reliable mark of authenticity - always had an oven door that unlocked from the outside only to prevent escapes. The more intelligent Sunday roasts had been known to unlatch the simple models from the inside.
    These modern ovens with doors that open with a push from the inside are just not suitable, I'm afraid, for really traditional NZ country cooking.

  • (This one is a little crude, but funny as all get out!): Subject: Re: Ti 46-inch Driver
    From: "David Bridenbaugh"
    Newsgroups: rec.sport.golf
    Dbm2001 wrote...
    > I have a 10-month-old, oversize-head with a Ti face and a 46 inch,
    > cross-filament-wound graphite shaft with a stiff flex
    Damn. You must be one weird looking dude....

  • Subject: Re: Celebrity Brownies
    From: carol-arie@... (Damsel in dis Dress)
    Newsgroups: alt.food, alt.food.chocolate, rec.food, rec.food.baking, rec.food.chocolate
    "Unknown User" wrote:
    >Send $5 for all 4 Celebrity Brownies.
    Are they made of REAL celebrities?

If you're wanting more, just follow the white rabbit...

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