Feb 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, I changed my color scheme for V-Day... Sue me.. :-) Well, not really.... I mean, don't sue me over it, for crying out loud... It'll be back to 'normal' soon enough... And just because the SITE is pink does NOT mean guys should WEAR pink... thanks...(see previous post)

I'm not the most romantic person in the world by any stretch. I am too danged forgetful, to be honest about it.... Of course, today, the ancient color laser printer at work was freaking out, occupying every thought-cell I have in my brain, and I missed the window for sending flowers. UGH... The only things that may have saved me were the card and chocolates I gave this morning... :-)

I guess I am one of those 'typical' males - the intentions are there, but need work on the delivery and execution.... I'm trying.......

Our financial officer at work gave us our paychecks a day early because she said she was enacting the inclement weather policy.... Just to give an idea, it is about 50 degrees, but the weatherman is predicting a 20% chance of winter weather. That 20% chance was enough for her to issue checks a day early, just in case... I wonder what the percentage would have to be in order for her to declare the building closed... Of course, she can't really do that, as she is not the boss, but if she WERE the boss... Hmm....


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