Feb 6, 2010

Daily Photo (Curves - Emily and her Zhu-Zhu)

Today's challenge: Curves
Emily wanted my picture for today to be her new Zhu Zhu pet, Mr. Squiggles.  She bought him with her own money that she has save since Christmas.  Actually, I think she's been saving money since her last birthday.  She tends to be very thrifty with her money.  

I purposely left the lighting as you see it.  Depending on your personal viewing style, you either start with the large dark area and shift your focus to Emily then to the toy *or* you see the bright toy and move toward the right.  And, yes, in some cases, you may be the type that sees Emily first and then lets the eyes wander around.  What I hoped to achieve with "curves" as the theme is that the round toy leads to Em's round face, and the roundness stands out against a dark background.

Stephen asked me where I get my challenge ideas.  Most of my photos have been just pictures I wanted to post.  But, I also get ideas (especially for the 'challenge' part) from www.dailyshoot.com, though I do not submit my entries to them.  I don't because they have photo sites they like to use and I just insert my pics into my posts.  I suppose I could jet over to Picasaweb where Blogger stores photos and get the link to the pictures and add them to the DailyShoot site, but really, that's a bit much work for me. :-)  I have other random things I must get out of my head!

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  1. Finally...I get to see one! Your daughter looks happy!! It is the latest craze amongst kids here in Canada as well!