Feb 22, 2010

Killing several birds with one stone

One photo - several projects
Well, it didn't take long, but I finally managed to get behind on my daily photos.  As I have mentioned before, I use www.dailyshoot.com for inspiration.  The last few challenges have been "Get close" (take an up-close photo), "Symbols" (take a photo of a symbol that represents something else), and today's is "Squares" (take a picture of square things).  And so, I present one photo that reaches each of these challenges.  The photo comes from a close-up of a pair of "hang-out" pants I have, featuring the symbol of my favorite baseball team, the Cleveland Indians, and the pants have red- and white-lined squares on them!  Some people may say I cheated.  Others may say I'm a genius.  Well, maybe not the latter.

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