Feb 23, 2010

THIS is American Idol!

Welcome to another season of American Idol! We are back again with our picks and pans for this season. For those new to reading my blog, let me catch you up. Shan, Emily and I make our picks (marked with "Y") or our pans (marked with "N"). We also have an undecided mark ("?") for times when we just cannot decide if we liked a performance or not.

After the voting, I post a follow-up and talk about our agreement or disagreement with the outcome(s). Also, as I'm sure will be a surprise, I also tend to make some comments about various performances.


*I actually liked Janell's "What About Love." I thought she did well and brought just enough difference to make it hers, which is why I am sitting here and not at the judges table, I suppose.

*Haeley's lisp really bothers me. It shouldn't, I know. But it does. So there it is. Not a fan of her version of "I wanna hold your hand" because the song should be much more exciting - this is a person who is excited to be holding someone's hand for the first time. This was way too slow or something.

*Lacey - Shan said she thought Lacey was very nervous. I'm not fan of Lacey's. At least not with with song. It was like she was trying to imitate Stevie Nicks and at the same time add her own twist, but it just hurt my ears.

*Michelle - Wow, we knew within a few notes this one was gonna be good! I am liking her!

*Didi - I like her a lot. I hope she does well. Let's see how it goes… Well, I'm not a fan of her selection. Sounded too much like the 'real' version. I hope she makes it, but I would no vote for her.

*Siobhan - Started off rough, but seemed to find herself as she went on. Not a breakout performance, but I thought it was kinda cool.

*Crystal - I am a big fan of Crystal's. I hope she knocks this out of the park. Great song choice. Rockin' the harmonica and guitar. Nice! Awesome job!

*Katie - I am not surprised she picked Buble'. That seems to be right up her alley for the style. I will bet Simon says, "a bit cabaret." We'll see after she's done.

Wow, after listening to the recap, there are a LOT of the girls that are in danger. So much for the girls being so string this year. They have a long way to go to prove that after tonight.

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