Feb 24, 2010

American Idol - Top 12 Guys

It's time for the guys to perform. Let's see how they do! Tonight we have a special guest judge - Tyler is joining us.


Todrick - "Since you been gone" - Well, he made it his own. Uh… I just don't know. Tyler says not bad for this song, but needed a better song choice. Emily says NO! I hate it! Don't like it!

Aaron - Well, let's see if he remembers his lyrics THIS time. He's missed TWICE so far yet made it through. Shan said, "He's tearing my song up, man," as he held her head in her hands. It was not pretty, and neither was the singing.

Jermaine - Uh, no.

Tim - He looks like a dark-haired version of Sterling Knight LOL. Not really liking this, but best so far to me.

Joe - Tyler said, "He looks like Adam Lambert." I said, "Uh, David Archuletta?" He said, "Yeah, yeah, that's the guy. Whatever." Well, another bites the dust. Man, these guys are as bad as the women yesterday. Shan said she liked him better than the others to this point.

Tyler - Uh, not OUR Tyler, of course :-) Not a strong start, but I like him. Tyler (our Tyler) likes his (the singing Tyler) name. LOL. Good as reason to vote for him, I suppose.

Lee - I like him, but that's because he sounds like several artists already out there. Good performance, but he's going to have to step up and show his own thing or he will be the same as everyone already hears.

John - Emily said, "Nope. No." when the first note came out. It took me a few more notes than that, but uh, no.

Michael - We love "Big Mike!" I hope he does well here. Well, it's a little hard to understand some of his words. Shan gives her first YES! Once he got going, I really got into it, but he had a rough start to me.

Alex - What is up with his nasality!? Man, did someone ask Fran Drescher to sing!? Man, this is not good.

Casey - Wow, he's very "Bob Seger" or something. I like his sound a lot. Marc Cohn maybe? I dunno, but very well done.

Andrew - Hmm. Well, he is a toughie for me. I kinda like his sound, not sure of hostage on the song. Kinda karaoke or something maybe? My first question mark.

Okay, I'm not sure what's going on this season. This is supposedly the "best season ever," yet these folks as a whole failed miserably in my opinion.

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