Feb 11, 2010

Valentines Party and SNOW!

Today was Emily's Valentines party at school.  I took the morning off from work so I could spend some time with her at her party.  It was fun!
Emily poses next to her bag o' v-day cards

I think she might be a little excited about opening her treat bag!

Now, THAT'S how you put on a watch!

Goofing around with "Dorito lips!"

The mini cupcakes we supplied for the party!

I thought these treat bags were lined up perfectly for picture-taking!

After the party, I headed to work for about half a day.  Around 1:30 or so, it began to SNOW!! WAHOO!!  We are expecting 2-3 inches, but I snagged a few pics of the "early" stuff on my way home (and after I got home):

The dusty road that leads home!


This is our trampoline!  That is too cool!

Happy Valentine's Day, Tigger! Brrrr! 

More pics will follow as the snow builds higher and higher!!

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