Feb 6, 2010

Friday's Daily Photo

It's right there, don't you see it?  You don't?  Well, Friday's topic was "Interpretation of a movie title."  I ended up with "The Invisible Man."  And, you can see why... er, well, NOT see it, really.

Now, that was a cop-out, for sure.  In truth, I had LOTS of ideas, but couldn't come up with their execution.  Let me 'splain:

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" - My friend, Jeff, has an old Raider SUV.  He lives in Arkansas. My plan was to take a picture of the back of the vehicle such that you could read the word "Raider" and get just enough of the license plate that you could not see the word "Ark" - Get it? the 'lost' Ark, right? I know, I'm sayin' I am too clever.  So clever that I never got the shot. Yay me. Strike one.

"Broken Arrow" - Yeap, you guessed it - a photo of, well, a broken arrow.  I don't have an arrow, let lone a broken one, so that never materialized either.  Strike two.

"Silverado" - Okay, this should be easy! Find a Chevy, take a picture of the badge on the tailgate. Call it good.  By the time I found a Silverado, I had forgotten about the picture. DUH! Strike three.  One out.

"The Color Purple" - Well, come on, how hard could that be?  Again, by the time I remembered to take a picture of something purple, it was too late (by my own clock. Meaning it was Saturday).  Strike one.

"Spaceballs" - This one came to me very late while I was driving to pick up my son from his church thing (we're talking 11:30pm or so).  I could gather up various balls, spread them out, and there ya go - space balls.  That never made it anywhere. A dud.  Strike two.

"Back to the Future" - I thought there was a sign in town that said something about progress and the future or something.  I was going to turn my back toward the sign and stand next to the word "future."  I know, brilliant, right?  Wrong.  I couldn't find the sign.  I'm not even sure there WAS such a sign. Strike three, two outs.

"Shawshank Redemption" - I was going to play on words, find a shawl, a small piece of meat, and a coupon.  Well, it sounded good in my head, okay?  Strike one.

"The Green Mile" - Simple. Easy. Forgotten.  Take a picture of a mile marker sign.  They're green. Strike two.

"Saw I, II, III" - Again, simple. Easy. Forgotten.  My father-in-law has more saws than anyone I know. How easy is this one!?  Take a photo of a saw...  then another of two saws, and so on!  This one actually came to me on my way home from work.  In the DRIVEWAY.  What happened between the driveway and the house to get my camera?  I have no idea.  Strike three. three outs. game over, man.

So, you are blessed with "The Invisible Man" as my photo (er, non-photo) of the day.  Oh, sure, I could have followed through with any of my ideas and posted a picture and said, "here it is!"  But I would know I was cheating.  While that's not good, that isn't really the issue I have.  You see, had I simply done that, I probably wouldn't have shared this story.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So can the LACK of a picture.


  1. Where do you get your photo assignment list? It sounds like a pretty fun challange!

  2. I either make up my own photo or if I want a challenge, I use the one from www.dailyshoot.com for inspiration!