Feb 26, 2009

Catching up on Idol action.

Shan's Mom's birthday was Wednesday, so we did not watch Idol until Thursday night. We watched Wednesday's show first, so what you are reading is our reactions to what we saw. I have no idea who has made it through or not while writing this...

American Idol, Week 2

Jasmine Murray------N-------?-------Y-----
Matt Giraud---------N-------N-------N-----
Jeanine Vailes------?-------?-------?-----
Allison Iraheta-----?-------?-------Y-----
Kris Allen----------Y-------Y-------Y-----
Megan Joy Corkey----?-------N-------X-----
Matt Breitzke-------Y-------Y-------X-----
Jesse Langseth------N-------N-------N-----
Kai Kalama----------N-------?-------X-----
Mishavonna Henson---?-------?-------Y-----
Adam Lambert--------N-------N-------N-----

Running notes made during the show:

  • Whoa, okay Jasmine was WAY better during auditions and Hollywood week. I don't think she did well at all. Shan likes her, so she gave her a question mark.

  • Matt needs to do something other than breathe into the microphone. We didn't like him.

  • Jeanine is the strongest so far, but I think she was too many affectations or whatever you call those add-ons to the end of nearly every phrase she sings. Kinda gets annoying.

  • Oh bother. I cannot stand the Nick/Norman guy. This is a joke, right? If he makes it through, it'll be only because America is playing a cruel joke. He could have been a real contestant, but he is taking the place of someone who genuinely should have made it through.

  • Allison is one weird child judging by the pre-song interview. Let's see how she does. She is singing Heart... Can you say karaoke? Once she started rockin, it wasn't too bad, I guess.

  • Kris sings "Man in the Mirror." Why do these folks start with songs that are too low for them? Well, he's not bad, actually. I forgot he was from Arkansas! Shan and Emily changed their vote after he appeared in a local news commercial.

  • Megan Seemed okay, but what is up with the flailing arms!? Her voice is all over the place. I don't think I can give her a "yes"...

  • We liked Matt during the auditions and Hollywood week. I think he did a good job with this song. I don't know if he was better than Kris or not though...

  • Jesse does "Bette Davis Eyes." Man, that is a huge song. And, man did she blow it. What's with the weird accent going on?

  • Okay, let's see if Kai does any better. Well, if K-Tel were putting out an oldies remake CD, he could sing on it. But, really, no thanks.

  • Misha sings "Drops of Jupiter!" Man, I hope she does well. I love this song. Well, I'm disappointed. I think she could have done better with it. I like her voice, but it's not enough to save her, I'm afraid.

  • Emily doesn't like Adam because he looks goth. She said, "I can tell you right now, he's a no." This was said as he started singing. It's easy to understand why he can't get no....

And now, we've made our picks and so we watched the results show:

We are whipping through this pretty quickly because no one on this show jumped out as a clear winner. I will say that if Nick would have dropped the dumb Norman thing, he might have had a decent shot at top 12. Of course, he may still get there. As I type this, they are doing the intro song. Of course, there are always the wild cards... I will say I think the first group did their song much better than these folks.

Allison - Top 12 - Of the three, I can see her making it, and she was probably the strongest woman.
Jesse - Not Top 12 - Not a surprise from here.
Matt B - Not top 12 - That's a bum deal, but he was not the strongest guy up there.
Megan - Not Top 12 - she is a STRONG contender for a wild card.
Kris - Top 12 - Wahoo! The boy from Arkansas makes it through! And with a Mijac song to boot! Awesome.
Matt G - Not Top 12 - That is no surprise to me at all.
Jeanine - Not top 12 - Not surprising after the other performances.

Wow, Brooke White! I liked her last year... She's got that soft, raspy voice that reminds me of Stevie Nicks or Bonnie Tyler. I like her first single. i don't think it'll be a mega hit, but it's a nice change from a lot of what's being put on the air these days.

Mishavonna - Not Top 12 - Wrong song sends her home, I guess.
Kai - Not Top 12 - He's done. He is not a wild card contender.
Nick - Not top 12 - Well, praise the lord!
Adam - Top 12 - Really? Are you serious, folks? Man, he should not have been through...
Jasmine - Not Top 12 - Not surprised based on her performance.

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