Feb 18, 2009

I hope you're sitting down... American Idol WEDNESDAY!

Before we get to Wednesday's Idol wrap-up, I got a call this morning from my Aunt. She said, "Are you sitting down?" And then she went on to tell me that Mom is in the hospital AGAIN... Except this time, the doctor took one look at her CAT scan and MRI and said, "Well, there's your problem." Turns out she has an inflamed area in her small bowel. I talked to the doctor himself, and he said he didn't know this was not found before now. He said it is very obvious. So, my Mom is having surgery on Friday. Yes, she is still in Pittsburgh. So, she had to fly across the country to get sick so that a doctor in da 'burgh could correctly diagnose her problem. Figures. I'll keep you posted as know stuff. Since Mom's sister and brother live out there, I decided not to fly out unless I am needed. I know that may seem crass to some folks, but she is in very good hands and I will be taking care of her when she gets back home.

And, now that you're sitting down, here's our Idol run-down:

The group performance of "I'm Yours" was very well done!

Okay, what the heck is up with showing the same thing we saw all season (the 'recaps') and then showing all the same stuff we saw last night. Give me a break. They could do this Wednesday stuff in a half hour.

Casey - We passed on her, so let's see what America said... Not top 12. Not surprised.

Steven - I said NO and Shan said YES.... Not top 12. Not really surprised based on Tuesday's singing.

Alexis - I wasn't sure, Shan said YES... Top 12! I think she can do well, but there are stronger folks already and we have a lot of singers to go.

Ricky and Jackie - We passed on both of them. Ricky not top 12. That is no surprise at all. I think Jackie could have done well, but I didn't go for her look and style yesterday either.

Anoop and Michael - We passed on anoop. Shan wanted Michael to go through because he can do better. Shan called it! Michael goes through. I think he has a shot as long as picks the right songs and can keep up with the stronger folks.

Man, I had forgotten about Carly Smithson. I really liked her last season...

Ann Marie - We both liked her. Not top 12, which is a bummer, but oh well...

Brent - We both liked him, too. He'd be good on Nashville Star.

Stevie - We passed on her. forgettable.

Danny and Tatiana - We picked danny to go all the way. Tatiana needs to be outta here. Wow, Paula actually said she thought Danny would go through. man, how did that happen!? she never commits to anything on here!

DANNY Top 12! It's not a surprise, but man am I glad to see it!! so far, he is the only one with true star power on the show. We'll see next week how he compares to the next group!

Okay, the producers needs to quit showing tatiana. It is Danny's moment, not the spotlight-seeker's... Give me a break.

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