Feb 4, 2009

Ever had one of those days?

I had 'one of those days' twice in a row...

I'll start with today (Wednesday) and work backward. I had a movie in my head. You know, when you can picture the actor and you know what the movie was about, but you can't remember the name of the flick to save your life? Yeah, one of those. I knew the actor was Gerard Depardieu. I knew the movie featured him being interrogated by a couple of German soldiers (more on that in a sec), and I knew the movie was from the mid 90's. So, I began my search to ease my mind. No luck. I looked through IMBD and even found several sites that listed all of his films. Nothing rang a bell. Then, I tried Yahoo answers. Unlike the millions of people who ask before they search, I actually searched the site for the actor's name.

As time went on, I remembered the movie was about a death or suicide. This was getting me nowhere fast. And then, I remembered it wasn't German soldiers. It was two police officers. Ah... Well, after poking around a bit, I found what I was looking for. The movie is "A Pure Formality." It's a French movie with English subtitles (yeah, I like artsy movies) and it came out in 1995. How did I even know about this movie? IFC used to run it a lot a few years ago. Why it popped in my head today, however, I have no earthly idea.

So, now I had a title and a year. All I had to do was search Amazon and eBay for a good price on the DVD. while I did find it in both places, it was NOT a Region 1 movie, meaning I could not play it on my DVD player. Dang it. I did find it on VHS, though, so I might buy it and convert it to DVD, but that is a pain.

I'll let you know. Of course, now that I put the puzzle together, I may forget about the whole thing and just grab a coke and be happy.

Before the 'pure formality' brain takeover, I had a tech meeting today. It went really well, and I think was one of the most productive meetings I've had in a while. I am so glad these meetings are working out as well as they are. I wish more techs would attend, but I do understand why they can't all come. There is work to be done at the district.

We talked about the state security policy, what summer trainings they would like to have for themselves and what trainings they would like to see for the teachers. we also took a look at windows 7, which will blow most users out of the water. basically, Microsoft took everything wrong with vista and threw it away. I'm pretty excited about win7.

Before the meeting, I came in to the office and had a box in my chair. I checked the purchase order number on the label and knew this was our 75 flash drives for a project. I opened the box and found... umm... 38 flash drives. That would be about half of what we ordered. I immediately called the rep and chewed him up one side and down the other. we were supposed to get 38 TWO-PACKS, not 38 single packs! Later in the day, I had a voicemail that said he made the mistake and put in the wrong part number and that we should have our replacements asap.

In the meantime, I get to send the other ones back. All I have to say is that I am not paying to send them back. they screwed up, they can pay for it.

Back up to yesterday (Tuesday).

I've been trying to figure out just how to tell this story. You see, it has to do with my mother going to the doctor and my total misunderstanding as just what she was going to the doctor for in the first place. Allow me to start at the beginning.

My day started with a trip to one of my schools so that I could install and setup SharePoint web services on a server they have. It has been a while since I have installed that from scratch, so my brain was trying to play catch up.

Because I had this install to do, Shan took Mom to her doctor's appointment ( am taking mom to a different appointment on Thursday, but more on that in a bit). I am at the school, flipping through books, checking my steps, etc. Of course, things aren't quite going right, so I have to actually remove some of the installed updates so that I can install the software I need to install, so that THEN I can install the updates we need. Yeah, one of those kinds of days.

Mom was told to be at the doctor at 7:00 so that she could get her anesthetics for her appointment at 8:00. At 10:00, Shan calls me to tell me they had JUST THEN taken my mom back for her work to be done. I couldn't believe it!

After that, the tech I was working with had to meet with an electrician, so he left me to install the software. Everything was going fine. And then I couldn't find the license key for the software. I called the tech, who told me where to find it. I looked and no luck. Since I had access to all the servers, I decided to look around the files and see if I could find it myself.... After about 30 minutes of checking and taking care of other things with my Smartphone, I decided I wasn't going to find the key and instead focused on work I could do through my work webmail.

I was a bit frazzled and frustrated.

Shan called to tell me my mom was done with her appointment. Here is where things get muddy in the space between my ears. In my head, my mom was going to get the shot for her back pain. Shan tells me the doctor gave mom some meds to help make her sleepy, but they weren't working. so, they gave mom some more, and THAT wasn't working. the doctor gave her as much was allowed without admitting her to a hospital for local anesthetic, yet mom was totally awake. So my mom is totally awake while to doctor is going to give her the spinal injection. So far, things make some sense.

Then, Shan tells me that mom had to have a tube put in her mouth, and in order for them to do that, they had to give mom some kind of drink to number her mouth. Somewhere in mind, I ask myself, "What does she need a tube in her mouth for a back injection?" The next thing I hear is that the doctor tells mom that she does not have cancer. I tell myself, "well, I’m glad to hear that, but why are they checking for cancer during a back injection?" My mind is still trying to figure out where the software key might be, and trying to make the connections between a spinal injection and a search for cancer...

Later, as Shan is give me a few more details of the day, I obviously was very confused as to why they would be doing all this internal stuff for a back injection... And then Shan says, "Umm, this was her endoscope for her stomach. You are taking her for her back injection on Thursday."

And that is when the light came on. They weren't sticking things down mom's throat, giving her all those meds, and letting her be wide awake for a back injection!! It was for her STOMACH EXAM!! DUH!!

Yeah, one of those kinds of days....

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  1. I know. In your mind, it all got ran together.... Happens to dean all the time........