Feb 1, 2009

Random Stuff on Super Bowl Sunday Part I.5

This is the new lead singer for Journey. Really? This was the best they could find? A karaoke singer who does a horrible job of sounding like Steve Perry? I mean, okay, you don't necessarily want someone who sounds like the guy you're replacing, but at the same time, it has got to be someone who can at least due the classics of Journey some justice! This guy? Simon Cowell would have sent this boy packing before the auditions even got started.... He sucked in his pre-game rendition of "Don't Stop believing." He botched lyrics and missed a key or three to say the least.

Why is this post "1.5?" because my other post with the made-up cards was really Part I, but i didn't label it that way, so now you know.... For what it's worth...

Check back later for more pre-game shenanigans and thoughts from your truly.

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