Feb 18, 2009

Is this REALLY what you want bailout money spent on!?

I saw a report about this website (lenderoffender.com) that posts bank-owned properties that have fallen to ruin due to lack of landscaping detail.

Yes, I'll let you read that again.

The guy who runs the site, I don't remember his name nor care to look it up, said he got tired of seeing his property value go down because the banks weren't keeping up with the lawn care of foreclosed homes.

Yes, I'll let you read that again.

This guy wants the banks that just asked for BILLIONS of dollars in bailout money to spend that money on LAWN CARE! Lawn care!? Are you friggin kidding me with this!? People are losing their jobs at a rate of 5000 people PER DAY, and this guy is worried about what the LAWN looks like next door!?

Frankly, this guy should pick up a dang rake, hoe, mower, and whatever else he has and clean up the yard himself if it bothers him that badly.

Or, perhaps he would just rather have a little cheese with his whine!

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