Feb 17, 2009

A little bit of random...

One of the blogs i read posted a link to freerice.com as a way to donate rice through the UN World Hunger something-or-other. I thought it was a joke. I was wrong.

You answer questions (the default is vocabulary question) and each time you get an answer correct, you donate 10 grains of rice. Seriously. I checked it out. here's the cool thing (because I don't give a rip about donating rice for crying out loud): you actually LEARN (gasp!) while you donate. I question some of the definitions they use, but of the four choices, you have to pick the 'closest' match.

Have fun, and happy donating (if that's your thing): HERE!

Something I like to do on a whim is make up lyrics to songs, based on the current topic of discussion. usually, this takes place on an email list that I belong to and has nothing to do with what folks are actually talking about. Here is my latest example (with context references to make sure that it makes sense... or as much sense as I can conjure up, anyway):

Person 1: In the cell phone scenario (more likely) the interface will improve to the point that full SVGA will be focused on your retinas and you navigate web pages by motion of the device or multi-touch screen.

Person 2: OOOOOOOOO... I may become a professional truck driver. Then I could play my video games while making a living!

Person 3: Don't quit your day job yet... soon as they start embedding those auto-drive sensors in the streets and highways there won't be anymore over the road drivers. :)

My Response: "East bound and down, my truck is automated. I'm not even drivin anymore. Well, it's a long way to go, auto-drive is gonna get there. I'm just a wi-fi bandit on the run!"

You see what I mean?

I have found a site after my own heart! It is Anti-Green Movement! This site is dedicated to bringing ideas to those folks who aren't buying in to the whole 'go green' hoopla. Now, i admit, some of their ideas are bit out there (I am not taking the insulation out of my house), but I love "Steal a tray Mondays!" Feel free to check them out.

It's tax time, and we got the call yesterday that our taxes were ready. I went by there after work, and I was handed a PAYDAY candy bar! That means we got a REFUND! Wahoo! If you aren't getting a refund at our tax place, you get a CRUNCH bar instead... Either way, you get free candy! Though, I suppose if we owed money, we wouldn't be a happy about getting candy...

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