Feb 17, 2009

American Idol TUESDAY!

American Idol Tuesday Night

Jackie Thon----------N-------N-----
Ricky Braddy---------N-------N-----
Alexis Grace---------?-------Y-----
Brent Keith----------Y-------Y-----
Stevie Wright--------N-------N-----
Anoop Desai----------N-------N-----
Casey Carlson--------N-------N-----
Michael Sarver-------?-------Y-----
Ann Marie Boskovich--Y-------Y-----
Steven Fowler--------N-------Y-----
Tatiana Del Toro-----N-------N-----
Danny Gokey----------Y-------Y-----

Shan gave Sarver a YES because she likes him and thinks he can do better than this song (I dont wanna be).

Tatiana can sing, but she is a bit "psycho." She is just out there man...

I think Gokey has a real chance to be top two, and could even walk away with the Idol title...

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