Aug 7, 2007

A very few came...

I slept like crap. Well, supposing of course I have any inkling as to just how crap would sleep... But, yeah, I slept like crap. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, why *DO* we say that? After all, crap just... lays there... So, really, if you sleep like it, then you'd just lay there and sleep all night, right? Or maybe, because it just lays there and ISN'T sleeping, that fits the description perfectly... When one "sleeps like crap," they usually mean they just laid there with their eyes open, NOT sleeping... So, in that regard, yeah, I slept just like that.

I have no idea why, so we won't even bother with that question! All I know is that I woke up every couple hours, at one point my "Smarty-pants" thermostat must have decided I really WASN'T in the room after all. I was burning up and I have the thing set at 69! I think tonight I may leave the TV on low, or maybe I'll rig up something that waves around when the vent blows to create movement or something...

I finally got up at 5:45 because I was too tired of NOT sleeping to bother fighting anymore. I am a 'morning shower' kind of person. So, it wasn't until I went in there as the sun was deciding whether or not it wished to make an appearance today that I made the discovery - there was no shower curtain. I have never had that happen before, so I looked the curtain rod over a good couple of times to make sure my eyes were not playing some sleep-deprived trick on me. It entered my head that perhaps only those people who actually stay for an "extended stay" would receive such a gift as a shower curtain in their room. Now, if I were the kind of person to get upset over such things, I would have picked up the phone or stomped downstairs and demanded a shower curtain. Instead, I took my shower, letting the water fall where it may. On the way out the door to the conference, I stopped by the front desk and let them know I did not have a shower curtain. The guy at the desk was partly amused, partly embarrassed. He assured me one would be in my room when I returned. He was right, there was.

Unlike yesterday, my phone rang only twice today. Once from each of the schools that could not connect to the video conference from yesterday. Both sites were still offline would not be participating in the 2nd day of the VC.

I arrived at the Agora center around 7:15 or so, and there were already people inside waiting in line to get their name tags and binders. I actually recognized some! That's kind of big deal for me, because I tend to convince myself that I won't recognize people I should know (don't get me wrong, there was some of that too). People started arriving, and we all took our places, trying to help find their seats or get registered (for those that hadn't or whose registration had been mistakenly left off). And they came.. and came.. and came... All tolled, we had more than 325 participants! Facilitators, teachers, principals, superintendents, coaches, techies, and more. I took pictures throughout the day and I'll post some once I get them out of my camera (seems I left the USB cable to the house).

So, why the title of my blog if we had 325+ people? Well, you see at lunch, someone decided to put signs up above the doors to the breakout sessions. Now, mind you there were signs on the main doors to the sessions, but you could also get to the sessions directly from the main ballroom. Well, that someone put the wrong room names over the wrong doors.... My first session about the DL Curriculum Portal had about 6 people in it. I wasn't expecting a big crowd or anything, but six people??

Turns out, everyone went to the room "marked" with the name of my room, so they all went to the wrong room without realizing it! They were packed to over-flowing and no one came to my room because they thought I was packed! We half-heartedly laughed about it later, but it's definitely something that needs to be worked out before next time! :-)

My second session was packed to over-flowing... :-) Guess we'll see how Wednesday goes.

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