Aug 19, 2007

Details, details...

Well, if you happen to read the comments that people leave, you will see that I am apparently not giving enough details in some of my stories. Before i give those details, allow me to explain my take on details: You don't need 'em. As long as you get the gist of the story, the details only serve to take away from the quick little ditty I am trying to tell. Now, if I were writing a short story or a novel, perhaps, then details would be all over the place... :-) (Yes, I am being partially hard-headed, and partially a smart-arse...) :-)

The question posed in the comments was something to the effect of, "How were both the van and the truck at home on the day you got a flat?"

Shan had come home after working at the school all day. After supper (I believe it was), we were talking, and we decided to go back up to the school to work on her room. I'll have to re-visit the post, but I thought I was pretty clear on that part, but perhaps not... :-)

In any case, I'm sure you See how that little detail really adds nothing to the story as whole, at least not for me... Just to give all my readers fair warning, I am NOT a details guy... There are a lot of things that I assume you will figure out on your own, or you will ask me about if you really, really want to know.. :-) Thus, the continuation of my flat-tire truck story. I'm always happy to answer questions, just be prepared for the answer mixed in with whatever else happens along in my head.. :-)

I finally did it - Tribecards is now up and running! I will discuss various Indians-related baseball card topics and issues, post team checklists, etc. I am very excited about the whole thing, even if I am the only one that ever visits.... :-)

Shan asked me to rinse off her van for the first day of school. I did one better. The kids and I washed her van from head to toe.... Notice, I said "the kids and I" washed... I tried to make sure they scrubbed everywhere and did my best to go back over spots they may have "overlooked." Because we were doing this using my Mom's hose, I figured it would be nice to wash her car, too. So, the kids helped me wash the Cadillac. Well, I figured I just as well wash my truck, too, so we did that as well. They were quick washes, so I am very afraid to see what they look like in the morning.... VERY afraid.... :-)

Today was "ride in the back day" around here. First, Mom came over and asked for Dad's stuff back. She is slowly putting things back out again. I think that's great! I just hope she doesn't go "too" fast... Anyway (see, details just distract me from the story!!), she came over to ask if I would bring a box of his things back to her place. It's a heavy box, so I put it in the back of my truck. Emily wanted to ride back there on the tailgate, so I put her up there and as I was pulling away, Mom stopped me and jumped on the back, too. Fast forward. I got in Shan's van and Tyler opened the back and sat in the cargo area, his sister riding behind him (so she wouldn't fall out). While washing my truck, the kids got in the bed and had fun cleaning it. I admit, I never think much about cleaning the bed of my truck... But, there ya go... Emily rode in the bed as I drove the truck back down the hill to our place.

I caught the last inning of the Little League World Series game today between Maryland and Minnesota. Tied at 3... Bottom of the 6th... First kid up to bat gets a high fastball, swings the bat, and POW knocks the puppy out of the park! Now, that's how you win a game in the LLSW! :-) Maryland moves on to the next round... The kid that hit ball is the coach's son. How cool to be the coach and watch your son knock in a game-winning HR in the LLWS! Awesome!

School starts tomorrow (Monday). I ran up to Prescott school to check out their video system. I could not connect to it on Friday (or for the past couple weeks, really), so I met the tech up at the school this afternoon (Sunday) and we eventually traced it back to a non-jumpered fiber connection. Evidently, the school had some new fiber put in, but forgot to move the video connection after it was all in place - oops... The main ting is that we tracked it down and got it up and running again! I appreciate Doug (the tech) for walking through the troubleshooting with me and getting things done to make sure classes started on Monday! :-)

Oh, crap, details... Look, Shan and her Mom took her Mom's van to Sonic for drinks. While they were gone, the kids and I washed the vehicles. I would have washed her Mom's after they got back, but it was too dark...

I am having a heck of a time getting some of my cards into my database. The cards I'm talking about are ones that I have to hunt down the year, manufacturer, style, etc (sometimes ALL of those things). Once I have that info (or enough of it to feel okay about it), I create a new "set" in my database and add the cards. As it turns out, though, some of the cards in my "I have no idea what these are" box are ALREADY in the database as if I had marked them "in collection!" So, then, I have to see if I can find the card in my ACTUAL collection... I have a feeling I accidentally put some of my "to be filed, these are in the database" cards in to my "what the heck ARE these cards" box... Obviously, I'm not getting enough sleep.... :-)

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  1. Hey, if you are going to tell a story, I want the itty bitty details that connect part A to part B is all. You said Shan was at school, so I figured her van was how she got there! Sorry if it's too much to ask. The Sonic detail was just you being a smart arse!