Aug 4, 2007

Hitting the marks

(I wrote this late Saturday night and forgot to post!)

Barry Bonds hit home run 755, tying Hank Aaron's record. Congratulations!

I read an online forum post regarding the use of steroids in baseball. His point was that you still have to have skills, regardless of steroids (which I happen to agree with), in order to hit a baseball. One responder said that it was no different in cycling. I disagree. Steroids gives a HUGE advantage in a sport like cycling because it takes strength and endurance to pedal that much in those conditions - something steroids are perfect for. In baseball, you can be a s beefed up as you want to be but if you can't hit that little ball at 90+ miles an hour, you'll get nowhere fast... Should players be allowed to use them? No. Players are role models, and 'roids will do things to the body that can never be 'undone.' Steroids are illegal in the game now, though obviously some players stil use (as evident by the recent suspension of a user that failed the test three times in a row). In time, I see that players will NOT use... I'm sure I've asked this before, but could YOU hit 755 home runs, with or without 'roids? I couldn't. I say, Congratulations, Mr. Bonds....

Some quick math: If you showed every one of Bonds' home runs, but only spent 1 second on each, it would still take just over 12.5 minutes to show them all...

Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player to hit 500 home runs tonight, too. He is the 22nd player to hit 500. Could he break whatever record Bonds ends up with? I would put money on that, barring an injuries....

Tom Glavine has been trying to get his 300th win.. Maybe he'll ALSO reach a milestone. I hope he does. that would be cool to see three players finally hit their milestones all in one weekend... Man, baseball is cool! :-)

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