Aug 20, 2007

After lunch

My lunchtime update ended with me saying that I had hoped we would get the problem in Genoa solved soon... At just about 3:00, things clicked and Max at DIS was able to call INTO the system in various ways!

So, I still have to get Fouke up and going, but hopefully DIS will have made the same changes as Genoa, and I'll be able to waltz in, change a few settings and be connected to the world... Yeah, I know... Wishful thinking... :-)

The kids had a great first day at school. Emily was very excited about her TWO recesses and her ZOO lunchroom. Everything she showed us was done with the enthusiasm of winning the lottery (even her 'take home folder').

Tyler, on the other hand, delivered his news of the day with the enthusiasm of the evening news. Just the facts, and even those we had to drag out of him. Hopefully as the year goes on, he'll get more into it... Or perhaps that is a bit more of that wishful thinking...

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