Aug 2, 2007

Random thoughts

I forgot to mention that Shan was the big bunco winner the other night! She had most wins, and I think most buncos, and probably something else that I am forgetting.. LOL! Way to go, Shan!! :-)

The guys at Hollis came and fixed Mom's air conditioning today. Said they had to replace some part and add two pounds of freon. I think HVAC guys always add two pounds of freon no matter where they go... It's kinda like having your mobile home moved from one location to another - you get charged a 'flat tire' fee even if they don't have a flat on the way... I'm sure I could have fought that all those years ago, but I was not a brave then...

The kiddos came to work with me today. Tyler pretty well entertained himself, while Emily ran back and forth and all over the place. In fact, John said he was worn out just watching her run past his desk so much!

I spent much of the day messing around with Sharepoint, trying to get some of the other 'broken' things fixed. Really, I think it has more to do with domain names than anything, but I dont know enough to know what to ask someone.. :-)

I heard an expression the other day that made me laugh out loud: "He couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a locking lid!" Now, there's a mental picture!

Shan spent the day in Little Rock re-learning how to sign. Not that she forgot how, she just doesn't know the "new" way... Evidently, like everything in education, people just couldn't be satisfied with either spelling things out or using what was then 'universal' sign language... I got lost watching her practice... Then again, as you may have guessed, getting me lost is not hard to do.... :-)

I've had a lot of people ask me about my LED scrolling license plate frame. Here is where to get 'em: ABC Distributing.

We watched "Dont forget the lyrics" tonight. Never saw it before. It's amazing how poorly I did.. :-) Nah, not too bad, but when the pressure is on, I don't know how anyone can remember their name, let alone the next 2, 3, 13 words to a song!!

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