Mar 16, 2007

Well, maybe not...

Okay, so my next post ISN'T from inside my MacPC... Turns out, I did something wrong and crashed it or something... Anyway, we'll see what happens next time I try it. Because, yes, I am going to try again... Why? I wanna... :-)

Did you watch Gray's Anatomy? Well, I knew George and Lizzie were going to sleep together, but the whole time, I'm thinking, "NO! For once, don't let two people on this show sleep together!" Oh well... At least she didn't cry like Meredith did... Of course, Lizzie would have been too drunk to cry about it while it was happening, I suppose.... Yeah, yeah, I'm addicted... :-)

HUMBLE MAN KILLS ANOTHER MAN OVER RELIGIOUS CD... Seems a guy from Humble, Tx, tried to sell a religious CD to another guy. The man didn't want the CD, so Brian White (the Humble, Tx guy) killed the other guy with a rock... Full story here....

The postal service in Arkansas is going to set up four mailboxes that look like..... R2D2!! How cool is that!? Check it out here!

Are you hungry? How hungry? Hungry enough to spend...oh... $1000 on a pizza!? A place in New York has a pizza with different kinds of caviar and lobster for the toppings... The price is $1000, making it the most expensive pizza known as being sold... Want a slice? How about $125?? Seeing as how I am not a caviar or lobster person, I guess I'll have to pass.... :-) (If you just gotta see, here ya go!)

I went to Dairy Queen for lunch, mainly because it is all of 2 blocks from work. I kept my cup handy and went to their web site to play that scratch-off game they have. You have to find the 5 DQ logos. Good luck with that one... Anyway, they had this contest to be the DQ Apprentice. The winner showed herself planting blizzard cups, pouring a blizzard all over her hair in the shower, and a whole 'day in my life as a blizzard fanatic' video... It is actually very well done, and very funny, if not a lot messy! Feel free to watch, laugh, and be UDDERly surprised...

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