Mar 23, 2007

Spah-ring Buh-rake!

Oh yeah, Buddy! Today officially starts Spring Break for me, Shan and the kiddos. I have to admit, working in K-12 has its perks... :-) So, what are the plans? Cleaning, mostly... and playing, I'm sure.. :-)

Emily chose our evening dining destination tonight... She picked McDonald's. Not for the food, but for the playground... :-)

Mickey-D's is doing TMNT toys for boys and Madame Alexander "Wizard of Oz" dolls for girls. It is so weird to see TMNT making a comeback after all these years... Of course, when *I* was a kid.... LOL, just kidding. If you go to, there is a little curved line of text at the top that reads, "Hey Kids, This is advertising." How funny.. :-) Well, at least they're honest....

The Walgreen's in Hope is now officially open. I thought it was kinda funny (or sad, maybe) that there were few cars there for it being the first opening and all... I mean, several places have opened in Hope over the past few years, and those places have generally been packed when opening... Walgreens? Nope... Then again, it *IS* a drugstore...

A coffee shop in Taylorsville, Utah is in hot water (coffee?) over the use of the Mormon logo in their "Just Add Coffee" ads... I don't know much about the Mormon faith (and, no I do not want anyone knocking on my door, thanks), but evidently "Just Add Coffee" isn't as catchy as "WWJD..."

A would-be thief in Germany got caught the old-fashioned way... He left half of his broken credit card in the door he was trying to 'jimmy' open with it.... Can you say, "DUH!" After the cops got the half with guy's NAME on it, it didn't take long to hunt him down... And, the bonehead had the other half of the credit card laying on the table when the police showed... Really, this guy needs a sign...

USARPSL - sound familiar? Does the acronym look like something from your past? USA - United States of America... RPS... Hmm... How about Rock, Paper, Scissors!? L... League... Yes, the USA Rock, Paper Scissors League... I had no idea such a thing existed... Not only that, but they are holding a tournament in Hot Springs... Before you roll your eyes and laugh, the NATIONAL championship (held in Las Vegas) prize? FIFTY THOUSAND BUCKS! The winner of the Hot Springs tourney gets two free tickets and $1000... 2nd place at the Springs? $500... Not bad for playing with your hands... :-) And, do you wanna know who SPONSORS the tourneys?? How about Bud-friggin-Light!? You gotta see the USARPS website...

You never know what I'll find or why I'm telling you about it... Heck, I don't even know most of the time! My head is full of useless tidbits... Things that will only come in handy when playing a gameshow on television for a million bucks... Not that I would be at the million-dollar level, mind you.. No, no... The stuff rolling around between my ears is good for.... a couple hundred grand at the most... Which, all in all, I could live with, given the opportunity.... :-)

My Sharepoint thought of the day - Permissions. Remember, people can't post to a discussion board if they don't have the permission to do it.... Trust me, I know... I forgot to set the permissions for a whole GROUP of people... It's a little embarrassing, but no where near as bad as having your friend make you laugh just as you have taken a big bite of nachos and a swig of Coke.... You've had milk come out of your nose? Try nachos with Coke... Talk about clearing up your sinuses! :-) (BTW, happened to me while at a Pittsburgh Spirit soccer game in the 80's... See how some things never leave your memory....


  1. The Mormons do not believe in ANY type of non-medicinal drugs. That includes tobacco products and CAFFEINE which COFFEE , tean, most colas contain. That's why the big deal there.

    I missed the part that was rollin' around in your head for a few hundred grand, what was it?

    Cool Spirit logo! Did you find it on the internet or did you scan it from something you have at home (after all these years?)

  2. Found it on the 'net! :-) I actually could have scanned it from a sticker I have, but I did the old fashioned way - found one!