Mar 25, 2007

The ones that WE want! Spring Cleaning Part 1

Oh, yeah, buddy!! America voted and they picked MAX and LAURA to be the leads in the "Grease" Broadway show! That is awesome! I was so afraid Austin was going to win, but SO glad he didn't!!

Today was the first round of Spring Cleaning. I started with cleaning up the yard a bit, which led to sawing Daisy's water barrel in half. The main reason I wanted to do that? Lots of wasted water. Now, I know I will have to check the water more often, but that is actually a better thing anyway, so it will be easier to clean and she'll have fresher water more often! From there, I decided to 'fix' the steps on the deck in the back of the house.... This involved removing the old steps (which of course was supposed to be a 15-minute job) much in the manner that Tim 'the toolman' Taylor might do it... The deck was built in 1996 or so, and I affectionately refer to it as "Deck 1.0." Now, because of the lack of care, it's pretty run-down. But, because it is Deck 1.0, it was built to withstand most natural disasters. Great if you plan on leaving it alone - not so great when you are trying take the stairs apart. To spare you the boring details, I'll just say I finally got the steps dismantled. I put different steps up and 'rigged' pieces of wood together to make some steps from the house down to the deck... Yeah... I may have to take a picture, just so you can see how.. umm... 'redneck' I really can be... :-)

Following the deck-work, Shan cut the grass, then we broke out the tree trimmer and cut down some saplings that had grown in between the deck and the house. It was a jungle out there in back... :-) Emily decided she wanted to play hide-n-seek, and then we played 'duck, duck, goose' ... I'll be making an appointment to see the doctor... I turned my hip one way and my leg in the opposite direction... Let's just say thins aren't feeling well in that area. Now, normally, I wouldn't care. But, I have been...ummm...putting off going to doc about my knees and hips for quite a while now.... When I was a teenager, my knee suffered some damage during soccer. I was told that I would have a knee operation by the time I was 25... Since I saw 25 many moons ago, I am way overdue... I kept putting it off, and now I'm afraid it has caught up with me... Getting old is heck... :-) Nah, not really... :-)

Let's see, I think that ends round 1 of spring cleaning...

Have you seen the latest Honda ad? In it the guy says something about liking bologna on his pizza, and she says, "it must be a guy thing.." uh, no.. I like bologna on sandwiches. On pizza? I can't even imagine how nasty that would be... AUGH!

The story about a woman who chopped up her husband, cooked him, then buried hum under her house was in the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette today.... People will never cease to amaze me!

And, if THAT story wasn't bad enough... A guy in Houston was barbecuing his girlfriend.... Seriously, what it with some people?

We saw "Wild Hogs" yesterday. I thought it was hilarious, especially to see John Travolta let himself show his 'middle-aged' humorous side! Of course, the end credits were great! :-) I whole-heartedly recommend you see the movie! Be prepared for some 'rough' language and some one 'grown-up' talk/humor. It was funny listening to the youngsters in the place laughing though... :-) I should clarify - our kiddos did not go with....

I was bummed that Angela got kicked off "The Apprentice" tonight. But, as Ivanka said, Angie gave no compelling reason to fire anyone else. I think she could/should have fought to get Nicole fired, but she didn't.

I was livid that Tim did NOTHING when confronted with James' choice to send Nicole to the other team. I'm not saying he should have offered to take her place, but why not fight for some other method of choosing? Of course, had it been put to vote, James would have found himself on the other team... I actually thought the skating idea was good, but they needed some kind of tent ot table or something to help out... Use the skaters to get people interested, but then send them to the table - or steer them in that direction anyway.... Look, if your girlfriend needs some kind of defending, DEFEND her!

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  1. It's good to see that you at least try to be handy around the house and try to fix things. Good Luck with those home repairs!

    The thing with the woman in Brazil was so bazaar. What she should have done, was feed him to the dog after she cooked him. (Scary that I think like that).
    And same for the guy in houston. He should have read the story about the woman in Brazil before he hacked up his girlfriend. Jealousy is an evil thing I tell ya, EVIL.

    Apprentice? No. Trump gets on my nerves. You watch too much reality tv. you do.