Mar 22, 2007

Okay, okay, so I tried again

I couldn't leave well enough alone.... How could I? That thing just kept calling to me, begging me to just try one more time... In a way, I felt like a contestant on "Deal or No Deal..." One more time... One more time.... Well, if you watch the show, you know what tends to happen, right? One more time ends up being one time too many.... Yes, I attacked the bike and installed the derailleur. Now, I'm not saying I did it correctly, or maybe I should say COMPLETELY correctly... Something just doesn't sit right with me as I was riding the bike to test my ... stick-to-it-iveness... But, the "known" issue is the gear cable. The new derailleur is not as far back, or down, or something, as the old one, so there is a LOT of extra cable. I'm sure that can't be good, but I have no idea why or what I need to do shorten it correctly. Notice I said CORRECTLY... So, yeah, I'm calling the bike shop, admitting my lack of bicycle repair knowledge and beg them to fix it without breaking my bank... Oh, and letting me watch so I can learn something...

Life's short... but, it's still longer than today's blog post! :-)

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