Mar 18, 2007

Austin, Muna, and Deja Vu

Austin!? America voted, and they voted to KEEP Austin on "Grease: You're the One That I Want!?" Austin acts like a soap opera guy... Which it turns out, he *IS* a soap guy. That explains his fake smile, his overacting, his forced ...well, everything... I was not surprised to see Aimee get voted off, but as I have said, Laura has been the Sandy of the show (in my opinion) the whole time. I'd pay to see Max and Laura. I wouldn't go see Austin and anyone if David Ian invited me personally and flew me up there on a private jet. Well, okay, maybe I would. But, I wouldn't be happy about it! LOL

I thought Heidi was going to get fired tonight on "Apprentice" for sure... When she said she was going to keep her mouth shut, she sure did. She wouldn't answer the question, "Who would you want on your team?" Step up. She then tried playing the, "everyone is great" card, and I thought for sure Mr. Trump was going to axe her happy butt right there. Good heavens, woman, step up and pick someone. Be aggressive. Win the friggin thing! I dunno, she got knocked down more than a few notches in my book tonight...

While digging through CD's, Emily found one of Tyler's old games, "Just Me and My Mom." It's an interactive storybook. Watching her play, and discover all the fun, hidden animations and surprises gave me a sense of Deja Vu. She laughed, and pointed, and played while she clicked on anything and everything on each page. Like a good movie, or a favorite TV series, there are certain 'games' (programs) that will never wear out their fun, and to me, the "Little Critter" ones are near the top of that list. Please, take that in the light it is meant - I have Duke Nuke'm 3D at the top of the list... :-) But, some games come and go, and they're okay but wear out their playability... The very well-done interactive books, however, will bring laughter and discovery into any child's world... Trust me! :-)

I forgot to mention that yesterday was Daisy's first day back in 'riding' season for us. Now, she did get ridden a couple times during the "colder" months, but that was only twice, maybe... Since it will be warmer now, she'll get ridden much more. Shan's Dad rode first, and Daisy was not happy about it. But, it wasn't too long before he brought her back to where we were all playing and watching Emily play with her T-Ball stuff (more on that in a moment). I got up on Daisy and rose her around for a bit. I took her out into the pasture, since the cows (mainly the bull) were further away. She did okay, but kept her ears straight up and whinnied a lot! Just about the time I got back to the gate, the cows had come across to see what was up... Emily hopped on and we walked around for bit before Shan's Dad took Daisy back into the pasture to see how she was around cows.... Now, remember, Daisy is a former racehorse, not cow horse... It was hard to tell who was more skittish... But, for an old gal, I think she did great... Got the cows to move where Junior wanted them to move, and she even faced the bull down a time or two. Later, Shan's Dad said, "The horse and the rider are too old, or else I would have shown you some stuff." Frankly, I think it was more the horse than the rider. If she were younger, and more accustomed to cows, I believe my father-in-law could have/would have made those cows behave exactly how he wanted.... Of course, Daisy was treated to a nice brushing and feeding after her walk. :-)

Emily is very, VERY excited about playing T-Ball this year. This will be her first year! She just HAD to have a bat (purple because they didn't have any pink ones in stock) and a batting helmet (pink). We also found black and pink batting gloves. We're going to get her a pink mitt soon, too. Can you tell what her favorite colors are? Hmm... :-) Oh, wait, did I mention that SIGN UP for T-Ball is at the end of this week...the 'season' doesn't start until April, we think... Does that phase our little slugger? Nope! :-)

I find it wildly entertaining that twice in the same week, I have been asked to 'snoop' out a story being circulated by email... You see, I am the one person in the world that everyone hates to see mail from... Why? Because many of my messages are in the form of 'reply to alls' in which I provide a link to, discrediting whatever nonsense poppycock was first forwarded to me. Snopes... which becomes 'snoops' when someone actually ASKS me to check out a story... Thus, I am the 'snooper...' or, perhaps, makes me...well... snoopy... :-) I don't mind at all when someone asks me to 'snoop' out a story! At least, I've bugged enough people that they are coming to me BEFORE they forward the email about the 'free applebees meals'..... :-)

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  1. A. I think you watch too many reality tv shows. B. Emily will be very cool and very fashionable for t ball. C. I have now learned to check out my own self. Did you get the one about drinking cold water during or after meals? I went to snopes and did the reply all thing. and D. it makes you a snoper or snpy not a snOOper or snOOpy!