Mar 8, 2007

America goes insane... Or something like that...

What in the world are the American Idol voters thinking!? The biggest shocker on Idol, for us anyway, was Sabrina. Holy smokes!? How in the world did she get fewer votes than Haley!? HALEY!? Good heavens, people! Even SHE knows Sabrina should have been in there.... As for Sundance... Well, he had a couple really bad sets, and I guess they finally caught up with him. I hate to see him go, though, because I think he is one of the unique ones on the show. BUT, to keep Sanjaya!? Please, someone, explain to me why in the world anyone would vote to keep him on there?? What does he have that America wants to see more of!? Someone... anyone, please clue me in here.... UGH...

As for Antonella... Well, did you notice that she didn't even get to TALK to the judges!? Heh-heh! Like my mother used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say..." Oh, wait, my mother never said that... Well, someone once told me that... :-)

Jared? Well, he got the boot, and really, in my eyes, it's no big loss. Nothing made him stand out, even though he did sing pretty well... As they say on Idol, he just didn't have "it." I think I had it once... No, wait, that was tonsilitis.... and the doctors took them out... Guess I lost it... Explains a lot, doesn't it? :-)

Well, here's tonight's updated Idol chart... As sad as some of it is....
Idol Singer
Dave's Vote
Shan's Vote
Chris RNoNo
Chris SYesYes

That crazy cardinal has decided that one mirror is not enough. Tonight, it attacked the bird (er, itself) in the driver's side view mirror... I think it's getting braver... I was actually outside working on Tyler's bike and the bird basically ignored me (Hmm, you may need to see the above 'lost it' comment). Stupid bird. Cute, stupid bird... :-)

Speaking of working on bikes, do you have any idea how long it has been since I took a socket wrench to the bolt on the rear wheel of a bike? Yeah, me either! But, I couldn't help feel like a kid again when I flipped the bike upside down. As a kid, I (along with my friends) would play "Ice Cream Man" with our bikes - turn the bike upside down and turn the pedals and gears to make the wheel spin, thus making ice cream! :-) Man, what memories there... Of course, someone would try to stick their hand into the "ice cream machine" and get it caught in the spokes... Man, were we brave or stupid? Take your pick - we were prolly a little of both...

Some things pop in my head, and I wonder if they are better left there... For instance, earlier today, I was thinking back to my Dungeons & Dragons days (I guess because of the Oblivion I've been playing). We always had one person in the group that we called DC-TDO... The TDO stands for "The Door Opener," and I'm not at liberty to say what the DC stood for, other than to say the C stood for Cheese. Anyway, this person's character was always used to open doors, spring traps, etc. No one wanted to be DCTDO for the night. See? The stuff that pops in my head....

That, of course, reminded me of the Motley Crue concert my friend and I went to. See, we decided that since we had free tickets, we would dress up as preppy as we could and go to the concert. Why? I dunno, some weird thing to do when you're a teen-ager, I guess. We had a lot of fun, and managed not to get our butts kicked (which still amazes me). Of course, we managed to drive the wrong way up a one-way down ramp... There is nothing like the sight of a parking lot full of cars coming at you with headlights blazing... Well, maybe the white light people talk about when you die.... :-) It was a very similar experience, I'm sure.

Do you know what your first memory is? The earliest thing I remember is sitting in a yellow VW bug we had. I think my parents said I was about 2 when we had it. Why or how I remember it, I have no idea.... But, there ya go... Take a minute and think back... What is the very earliest thing you remember? I just hope it isn't what you had for lunch yesterday... :-) Wait, you DO remember what you had for lunch yesterday, right?

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