Mar 13, 2007

Idol, Deal, NVU, and who knows what else!

Okay, in all fairness, I feel I should comment on the women of the "Grease" competition... Laura kicks everyone's butt... I thought it was a given, so I didn't mention it before... The other two women are very good, but, really, unless the voting public takes another stupid pill (see post regarding Sabrina from Idol), Laura will be the Sandy we want.

America, I beg you. Please come to your senses and get Sanjaya off Idol before he hurts himself... Really... And, I told Shan that Gina was beginning to grow on me, despite my best efforts to combat that very thing from happening... Dang it, she sings alright, and she is definitely unique in the crowd. Ah, by the way, is *NOW* running a story about how "Idol" may be on its last legs.. Excuse me!? Yeah, I bee-logged that a long time ago - DUH! Whatever... (LOL, do I sound like a teenie-bopper or what?) In the interest of fairness (or just plain - holy-smokedness), I came across this article that shows "Idol" is responsible for roughly 6 MILLION plays of songs on the radio. That is, "Idol" contestants have added songs to radio airplay, and each time one of their songs is played, it adds 6 million airplays... Holy Cow!

And, I admit, for the first time all season, Haley actually kicked some singing booty tonight. She was good... Yes, I know, I have a "No?" by her name below, but she did okay....

Without further ado, the list:
Idol Singer
Dave's Vote
Shan's Vote
Chris RNoNo
Chris SYesYes?

We watched the two-hour "Deal" (or most of it so far, anyway. I love DVR!). The night before, Shan picked case 11 for the General. She picked it before he did. So, when his case held the million bucks, she had no doubts. I had picked some other number, which had $200,000... Funny how that worked out, eh... The "Prom" game was absolutely endearing. I have to hand it to the folks at "Deal," they know how to treat some of their contestants. I would guess that "Deal" paid for the Tiffany necklace.... And the dance at the end was a very nice touch.... Good job, "Deal!"

Sometimes, I write my entries on the kids' (or should I now use the 'legal' form - kid's') computer, which does not have Office installed. Not usually a big deal, but when I am working with things like the "Idol" table, I need to work inside a web page editor. At work, I was told about a program called "NVU," which is free. I installed it, and I like it well enough. The problem is that it adds 'hard returns' to all the lines of code. Normally, not an issue. For Blogger, though, every hard return is treated as a TRUE hard return - making my table appear about 50 lines down the post. I am not the fastest learner in the world, but I had been copying the source code from NVU into Notepad, then using "DEL" and "END" keys to make the thing look like one big paragraph. Even Notepad wraps lines eventually, though. So, I decided to try Wordpad. BINGO! One long line of code.... Why am I sharing this with you? Why not? It popped in my head, after all....

Which reminds me - I learned something about Sharepoint today that I was supposed to write down in order not to forget it... You guessed it - I have forgotten what it was... Well, if I remember, I'll post it... I'm sure it's something I will need again, and someone else out there experiencing the hell, er uh, joys of Sharepoint may need it, too.... Then again, maybe it wasn't a Sharepoint thing at all... Dang... Smell the smoke? That'd be the wheels in my brain coming off the axels...

(from MSN)

Holy cow! Gas in San Fran is more than $3 a gallon! OUCH! Check it out...

I was surprised to actually find gas prices for Prescott on MSN... I figured Hope would be listed, but to search and find them for Prescott is pretty cool.... :-)

I applaud Jay Leno for ending his monologue with a moment for Richard Jenni. Jenni was a very funny man. I remember my younger years, watching him on HBO and Carson and laughing wildly... He will be missed by family, friends, and fans around the world....

Emily decided to put a blanket down on the floor during exercise tonight.... She said it was her mat... When Bob (on the video) mentioned getting on the mat, she was ready. She even told him, "I have my mat, Bob!" She and her brother decided to play in the sand (which was, for all intents and purposes MUD) after school... For a kid who hates to get dirty, Tyler sure loves to..well.. get dirty... :-)

I saw this article online, and just had to share:
Denver International Airport was reputed to be an "all-weather" facility that would operate seamlessly in a blizzard, but when it failed during the January snowstorms (closed for 45 hours), an embarrassed airport spokesman, Chuck Cannon, admitted he'd like "to choke the person who came up with (the 'all-weather') term." The Associated Press then discovered a 1992 interview with Chuck Cannon, bragging to reporters about his new "all-weather" airport. [Rocky Mountain News, 12-28-06]

And, last but not least.... No matter how far we come technologically, there will always be stupid, uh, rather, people who may exhibit behavior insufficient to warrant membership into Mensa... This woman decided to Google "How to commit murder..." Problem? She did it at work... Bigger problem? She killed her husband 10 days afterward... Bigger problem still? Her work had a record of her searches and the times she performed them.... "Here's Your Sign..."

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