Mar 1, 2007

Falling Idols and a new Nashville Star??

What in the world is going on with Idol? How is it that SANJAYA got more votes than flippin' AJ, and even WORSE is that Antonella is still around! Excuse me!? I'm going with the theory that a bunch of guys are voting for Antonella because of her pictures all over the 'net.... 'Cause she sure can't sing! UGH! Well, the latest incarnation of the chart is here, in all its partly-depressing glory.... AJ gone? Alaina gone!? Seriously, is this last season of Idol? Has it become such a joke that talented people are getting cut because other contestants 'look better?' No thanks... Of course, I'm still gonna watch.. I'm not THAT crazy! :-)
Idol SingerDave's VoteShan's Vote
Chris RYesYes
Chris SYesNo?

Okay, last year, I was a huge Kelly Pickler supporter. I am not a fan of "Red High Heels" and even less so of the video. But, when she came out to sing her new song (the title of which I don't even remember), I was dumbstruck. She looks awful. Bad hair-do thing and she looked about 40 in the outfit she had on. Now, it's not bad to look 40 when you ARE 40 or older, but she is what, like 21 or something? It was bad... REALLY bad... And, yeah, I know, here I am talking about her 'do' and her fashion, like I know anything or care... But still... DAWG, no, no, no man.....

America has a new Nashville Star - Angela Hacker... Well, at least Zac was runner up, so he'll get a deal for sure. And, I hope DSR knows that he has a deal for sure! I don't know why the votes went Angela's way, but it was great that she called out, "Bay (her son), we got a new car!" during the final song... Very cute! :-) Zac's latest rendition of his "If it wasn't for the Whiskey" was too fast, too 'rockabilly' this time around. Man, when he sang that last time, it was emotional and touching. This was over-done, no emotion, no teary-eyed tribute. I hope when he records it for release, he keeps the original, soulful version.

Have you watched any of the "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" Some of those questions are tough... And then, some are very easy (or I think so anyway). I would go for the super-hard questions first though... Get those out of the way (and use 'cheats' accordingly), then sit back and rake in your cool million... :-) I should try out for that show.... Who knows... :-)

I forgot to mention my new 19-inch widescreen LCD computer monitor the other day! I had been wanting a new monitor for a while and was planning on buying one. Then, Shan surprised me and bought me a Proview-19w! It is AWESOME!! :-) Of course, games are absolutely kickin' on it!! :-) And, it makes writing my blogs easier to see too! Funny how I like my 7-inch LCD Q1 and the 19-inch widescreen at the same time... I'm such a nerd! :-)

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