Mar 18, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction, Pictures from Iraq, and Baseball

Tyler had his first baseball practice of the season today. Unlike previous years, this year, the coach (a new coach) moved players around, trying them out in different positions. We were a bit shocked, and honestly, a bit skeptical. We'll see how things go... On a very high note, though, the coach let EVERY player try his hand at pitching. He asked Tyler if he had ever pitched. Tyler said no (which is true) and then proceeded to throw 7 of 10 pitches right over the plate! Shan and I had to pick our jaws up off the floor. We had no idea... Now, he's not fast at it, but he did toss a few zingers...

We watched "Stranger Than Fiction" tonight. Now, I'm sure I have shared my feelings about 'happy ending movies' before (I'll have to check on that), but the predictable twist at the end was a much needed one. I guess because I 'dabble in the art of writing fiction,' I happen to love movies that have the author of a storyline affect or interact with the characters IN the movie... I dunno, it is like the ultimate blending of fictions while testing just how far we are willing to suspend our disbelief.... If you're not familiar with the term "willing suspension of disbelief," look it up sometime... It is an interesting way to look at the reason we watch movies and read fiction in the first place... I digress...

Though it took a long time (in my opinion) to get to 'the start' of the movie, the background-building helped take the viewer further and further away from reality, all the while seeming to be fixed IN reality. I think that's why they picked a character who is/was an IRS agent... Stereotypically unfeeling, unfunny, meticulous, etc... And, being the geek that I am, I loved the "GUI" pop ups... It was very "Minority Report."

The bad thing about the movie is that if things like that DO happen, then there is a chance a pain-in-butt teenager is buried in some old guy's backyard somewhere (based on a short story I wrote a few years ago). I'm not sure I could live with myself, knowing I inadvertently killed someone through writing... Then again, by comparison to say, Stephen King, really, I don't come off "that" bad... :-)

My Dad sent some more pictures from Iraq! Feel free to scroll down and take a look, if you'd like....

Various pictures of Saddam's tributes to himself... Dad says he passes the fallen head on his way to work.... I find it fascinating how dictators build all these large icons in their own images... Wouldn't want the people to forget who was boss, right?

Care to go for a swim?? One thing about Saddam... He sure knew how to put in a pool!

I think the sign says it all.... What is scary is that they had to make the sign in the first place.............

Pictures of the Presidential Palace... Dad says he eats lunch there sometimes.... er, uh, I mean... Father indicated he dines in the Presidential Palace on occasion... :-) How cool is that!?!?

This one got my attention because of the American model cars... I guess it never occurred to me that you would see Fords, Chevys, Dodges, etc in Iraq.... (call me naive):


  1. Okay. Lakisha should be the next Idol. Laura should be Sandy. Still undecided on the Danny. Saddam was very egotestical. As are dictators I believe. I don't think one believes they can take over the free world and not be. But, since they are not Christians, they do not have the "Do not worship any other god than me" belief. So, I think that they want their followers to worship them instead of, if not like a god.

  2. Stranger than Fiction has been my favorite Will Ferrell movie! We got to see it for free, at a premier showing here and I really liked it. It wasn't typical Will Ferrell like Blades of Glory or Talledega Nights which I thought were both stupid.

    Tell Tyler to keep up the good work on that pitching. Nick never pitched either cause the coaches would never believe that he could, or because he wasn't a coach's kid or something. Then when he got to pony league, the new coach let him pitch, and he was really good. All the coaches were in shock when they would play against us and Nick was on the mound!!!