Mar 7, 2007

Cowboy WHO?! - Idol Girls - Sherman - And Sneezy Chickendunkin...

Cowboy U finished its season the other day. I thought for sure Bobby was going to walk away with the title of cowboy. I don't care what happened at the rodeo, Bobby is truly the hardest workin' city-slicker that show has seen yet. So, who won, you may be asking? How about Malcolm.... Yeap... Malcolm... The man who can't ride a horse to save his life... Turns out, he can stay on a bull long enough to steal enough points to grab the glory... I hope they re-work the scoring next season. If anything, this season's rodeo showed the serious problems with the current format. Well, Bobby, in my book, YOU are the Cowboy U cowboy...

Once again, the girls of American Idol showed they just flat out kick the guys' butts... This was a very hard week to pick ONLY two guys to get voted off... So, we didn't pick just two... We laid it all out. We'll see how we fared on Thursday. Gina finally showed the world her rocker-cool self, which I think is about time. Chris S should have no problems sailing through to the end, as long as he keeps picking the 'right' songs to sing! As for what America does with Sanjaya and Antonella - well, let's just hope the folks who took their 'stupid pills' aren't dialing... yeesh...
Idol Singer
Dave's Vote
Shan's Vote
Brandon Yes? Yes
Sundance No? Yes
Chris R No No
Blake Yes Yes?
Sanjaya No No
Chris S Yes Yes
Jared No? No
Phil Yes No
Stephanie Yes Yes
Sabrina Yes Yes
Antonella No No
Jordin Yes Yes
Haley No No
Melinda Yes Yes
Gina Yes Yes
Lakisha Yes Yes
Rudy No No
Paul No No
Amy ?Yes? ?Yes?
Nicole No No
Nick Yes Yes
AJ No Yes?
Leslie No No
Alaina Yes Yes

I answered one of 'those' emails today... You know, the one that says to pick certain letters of your name to come up with a whole new name? The one I did was a variation of the Captain Underpants generator... Well, mine came up "Sneezy Chickendunkin," which I decided would be a great name for a character in a video game... LOL :-)

Dad sent us some pics from Iraq! I'll post them on here before the weekend. Why? Why not! :-) Ah, and I will also post a picture of the little red bird that has been tormenting my truck since Christmas Day. Seriously. We woke on Christmas Da and saw this red bird sitting on my truck's passenger side view mirror. How cute! And then, it attacked...well, it's reflection in my mirror... Again, how cute! :-) Okay, now, it has been, what, almost 3 months? And still, when I park the truck, the little birdie comes out, perches on my mirror, and proceeds to attack itself... er, well, its reflection anyway... :-) I don't mind, except for the mess it leaves on my door and the residue it leaves on the mirror... I am afraid the thing will eventually break the side mirror. I don't know if you've sued a cardinal lately, but I have a feeling I won't get much in the settlement.....

In case you haven't tried it, you can simply point to a link in any of my posts and get a SNAP! screenshot of the site in the link! It is WAY COOL! :-) (If I do say so myself....)

Before I go, I just have to say that ever since Sherman Pore appeared on Idol, I cannot help but think of him and his story each time I watch the show. He is the man who had a petition to audition for his wife, who had passed away just a few days before he got to go on.... If you missed it, here is a site that has several links to the video, plus some very touching comments...

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