Jan 5, 2007

New Year's and then some...


So, had you decided I had dropped off the face of the earth? No such luck for ya! :-) We had our 'partying on' for New Year's Eve alright... We hung out, ate too much, played games, and nearly missed the countdown... You see, we had the TV set for channel 7, which unbeknownst to us had already aired the 'live' countdown from NYC. At about 11:58, it clicked that they were showing some singer instead of the countdown... So, we quickly flipped over to some other channel and barely caught the countdown! Party hats, noise-makers, yelling and screaming - and that was just the adults! Emily covered her ears for at least two solid minutes before yelling out, "Are y'all done yet!?" She had fun, but enough was enough already! :-)

Okay, much to my Aunt's chagrin, I feel the NEED to talk about Bill Cowher leaving the Steelers. I say chagrin, not because he is leaving, but because evidently in the 'Burgh, that is all they have talked about for weeks now (from speculation and rumor to his press conference). Pittsburgh does not get rid of its head coaches on a whim.. Since 1969 (the year I happened to have been born in), they have had all of TWO head coaches.... I grew up watching Chuck Noll and then grew to respect Cowher as a coach, though frankly in my eyes, he could never replace Noll. In any case, I expected this to happen, especially with the season going the way it did for the team. He says he does not like the sound of 'retirement' because it makes him feel old.... Okay, I can see that, but it just seems to me the 'right' thing to do is retire from the Steelers, then come 'out of retirement' for whatever purpose he serves in the future. I'm sure he'll find a coaching job, but man, I think he would make a great commentator... Sit him next to the Bus! :-) Maybe someday.... Well, good luck, Bill, and thanks for the One for the Thumb!

And, what would be a post to my blog be without at least one reference to shopping at Wally World?? While walking around, my eyes happened to catch a product I hadn't seen advertised for quite a while... And my first thought? "Whatever you do, don't call it JELLY!" (Know what product I'm talking about? I'll let ya know next time!)

Oh, and while shopping, Emily was helping pick out some muffins, all the while yelling out, "Ho-Ho's! We gotta get some Ho-Ho's! We gotta have Ho-Ho's!" We didn't realize the impact she was having until a man walking by said to her, "Don't forget your Ho-Ho's! Ya GOTTA have Ho-Ho's!" :-)

And, I leave you with one word: Chuzzle. Look it up, and don't blame me if your productivity at work goes through the floor.....


  1. It is not to my chagrin that Cowher is leaving! I was just annoyed at the fact that every time you turned on the news, or the topic of the Green team on Froggy radio was Bill Cowher's resigning or stepping down or retiring. Ugh! You could not get away from it.

    And what product are refering to when you saw it called "jelly"? KY, perhaps? What about Petroleum? Or was it Currant? Jelly just refers to the thickness and texture of the product. It doesn't necessarily mean it's an edible product!

    I am glad you got neat things for Christmas, but didn't you forget to mention the neatest thing that your Aunt and Uncle sent you? Mmmmmmmmmmmm?

    Chuzzle is a great game. I have played it many times and they are sooo cute!

    I like Ho Ho's too. You go, Em!

  2. My "chagrin" comment was just that - your chagrin was that people kept talking about it... :-)