Dec 31, 2006

Get the partying on!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I'll post more about my holiday later, but since it is New Year's Eve, I thought I would post in the the few moments before running off to church this morning. Tyler got an email from a friend of his, asking if we were going to have hats for New Year's again this year because (as she put it), she is ready to "get the partying on!" LOL, she's about 10 or so... Kids grow up so fast... :-)

Emily and Tyler have been having fun with their new things from Christmas! Emily loves playing with her "real house" Barbie house... I think it's a little 'too' real - it makes like 3 or 4 sounds... One is the shower... Another? The toilet flushes... Yeah.. Of all the sounds one could have in a house, in a GIRL'S dollouse, Mattel opted for the sound of a flushing toilet. Well, it keeps Em entertained... She has also been playing with her Dora the Explorer version of Candyland (which by the way, Candyland got 3 out of 5 on X-Play... seriously..). Tyler has been playing his DS and we finally got the battery charged for his 4x4 truck. Now, THAT is cool! Emily and I played with it - er, uh, tested the batteries and functions - for a good 45 minutes! :-)

Shan's laptop got 'skinned!' You can go to and buy al kinds of appliques for your laptop, mp3 player, etc. She got Mickey Mouse. The cool thing is that when I entered her model number, the skinit came with a hole cut out so her Dell logo still shows! Very neat stuff! I also got her other things, but the 'hit' was the set of Angel Cheeks that have birthstones - I got one with each of the kids' b-day stones and then one with hers and one with mine.

I got a lot of things too. :-) From a vintage Coca-Cola bottle truck to some very cool computer games to clothes. One of the things I was never expected was a rolling tool chest! Man, I needed that!! I still have to get my tools in it and organized, but I have started! :-) My mother-in-law bought me TireFlys (light dealies for my tire valve covers) and a license plate frame that can be programmed with a remote control! Shan and I went out to Johnny Carino's and saw Night at the Museum the other night, and I got a lot of looks from passersby.. :-)

I'll have to tell you more about our Christmas tree (pre-lit) blowing lights left and right, more Christmas tales, and give youa run-down on the New Year's Eve party... Stay Tuned... You just never know what will pop into this head of mine...

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