Dec 2, 2006

Number One Lunchfighter!

Hey! I just fought my way to the number one spot on lunchfight! :-) I'm sure I won't be there long, so I am posting a screenshot, for posterity... :-)
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Yes, I know, it's silly... But, hey, we can all use a little "silly" in our lives from time to time...especially on days like today.. :-)


  1. Way to go, you lunchfighter dude! I think it's great that you have acquired such

  2. How can I get to play too?

  3. Just go to and sign up! :-) I recommend looking over the HELP/RULES section(s)... Buy some food and some clothes (if you can afford both) and start practicing in the cafeteria. As you earn money, upgrade your food and clothes, then as you get better, practice higher grades... Don't forget to fight for rankings too.. :-) And, the GYM really helps, too! :-) Of course, it all costs, so you keep earning money by practicing more and more!