Dec 3, 2006

Christmas Pictures and Sprucing Up

We took the kiddos for their annual Christmas pictures today! They did great, but the photographer was not anywhere near as animated and "into it" as ones form the past... In truth, we have had only a few that we really, really liked... And, for a while, we got the same one each time. That was cool because she really knew how to capture the kids... Not this time... But, the pictures are very cute! Well, I think so, anyway... :-)

I decided not to post ALL the kids pictures... Figured I'd spare ya... :-)

If you look around my blog page a bit, you may notice a few changes, additions, and what-nots... I'm breaking out of the mold, and trying a few things... The one thing I really want to work (Showing Comments) isn't working yet, but I'm working with the creators of the script(s) to figure it out... :-) Have fun looking around, and feel free to let me know what you think and/or what else you'd like to see included...

I am supposed to be working on a Christmas list of what I want for Christmas this year... Hmm... I'll have to give that some thought. Of course, when I'm not asked to make a list, I have about a zillion things running around in my head, but as soon as someone says to write them down, I forget them all... Maybe I'll just end up with coal in my stocking....

Have you seen the new Dodge Megacab 4-door dually short bed? I saw a red one today. It is a weird looking beast... Like someone chopped the back off of it... Anyone remember the Cadillac Deville they did that to? This is a big, honkin' HUGE truck with a little bitty baby bed.... Why would you do that? Oh well, I saw one person who thought it was cool.... Something to think about......

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  1. I just installed it from Hans' site. He has a reworked version that Ramani helped on, that might fix your problem. You already have the javascript library installed or the post widget wouldn't work.

    Are your feeds active? I just tried to subscribe via google reader and it said that there was nothing in the feed.