Dec 4, 2006

Of Humidifiers and Social UNacceptability?

The cold weather has promted us to use the ol' furnace these days.. The downside, however, is that the air is very, VERY dry! So, while meandering down the aisles of the semi-local Wal-Mart, I saw a cool little humidifier shaped and designed like a baseball... :-) Of course, I snatched it right up... After filling it up, I plugged it in and let it run.... And then, it REALLY ran... or dripped is more accurate... All over the floor... Evidently, the little O-Ring seal didn't seal, and thus water found its way into the cooling holes in the bottom of the humidifier, onto the stool which upon it unit rested, and flowed forth onto the floor, first visiting Emily's CD boombox along the way... UGH! Well, that puppy is going back! :-)

Are you familiar with the old expression, "Rude, Crude, and Socially Unacceptable?" Chances are, if you happen to be a 20-something, you have no idea what I'm talking about... Why not? Let's look at a few recent events... I'd like you to think about these, and then tell me when these became 'acceptable...' Let's start with Lindsay Lohan's inability to keep her shirt on.. or at least covering enough of her body... I mean, you cannot tell me it was an 'accident' that she wore a 'shirt' to an auto show in which her bralessness was shown to the world... Of course, there was also her 'accidental' exposure as she 'avoided' photographers... Again, braless, showing everything for the world to see... Then, we have Exhibit(ionist) B - as in Britney... Spears, that is... During a 'night on the town' with Paris Hilton and Miss Lohan herself, Spears reportedly hiked up her dress in order to expose herself as she got out of the vehicle... Apparently, there were other photos in which gawkers complained that she was WEARING underwear... So, she figured she would give her stalkers, er uh gawkers, what they wanted.... For the record, I have only seen the censored versions of these pictures as shown on TV shows like "The Soup..." There is enough chatter on enough blogs and boards to know what shows....

Explain to me how these events spark no backlash that I have heard, and yet Mel Gibson and Michael Richards are hung (no pun intended) out to dry for their racial slurs... So, it's okay to show the world your private parts, but don't you dare say anything about someone who is not the same color, creed, religion, etc... I was wondering, though, did anyone happen to capture what the two guys were saying that prompted Richards to say what he did? You know, we always see the 'after,' but rarely do we see what actually led up to it.. I am not excusing it by any stretch! I'm just curious.... Manipulation of the media and the public at it's best/worst I'm sure... And, yes, I know what'm talking about.. I studied media, propaganda, manipulation, etc in my pursuit of my Master's... I may be a shmuck, but I'm a pretty dang-ed educated one, thank you.

How does any of this behavior make any sense? For me, this goes back to my post about the T-Shirt.... Whatever happened to 'rude, crude, and socially unacceptable?'

Have no fears from this poster... No racial slurs, and certainly no 'exposed' photographs will come from this end of the keyboard!

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