Dec 16, 2006

Can a cat be scared by...well, you'll just have to read it...

I won't reveal the source of this tale, mainly so as to protect myself from certain premature life-ending retribution! :-) All I'm saying is that the kitten does NOT live at our house... While using the restroom, the storyteller was being pestered by my children's baby kitten (that might clue some folks in, as I may have talked about that kitten before...) at her feet. Well, as luck would have it, a sudden, and particularly loud, bout of flatulence caused the kitten to jump straight up into the air and land on the storyteller's head! That is quite a feat, I'd say... Not to mention quite a wallop... I hope there was no match-lighting anytime soon after THAT episode! :-)

We heard from my father, who was supposed to have flown out to England on Saturday morning... It turns out that during a review of his documents, someone mistakenly put his blood test results into someone else's folder. Do they know which folder? Nope. So, my Dad was not allowed to fly out, because he has to have his blood re-drawn and tested. That happens first thing Sunday morning. They will then expedite the vials to the lab (and the document examiner will accompany the vials, according to Dad's telling of what will transpire) on Monday. Then, instead of the usual 4 days wait, his vials will be tested immediately and the results will be back on Tuesday. The company said that on Wednesday, Dad flies out of Houston in one of two directions - either to England or back to Little Rock... The main thing they will be looking at (where Dad is concerned anyway) is his cholesterol level... Mom said she looks at it like this: The worst thing that could happen is that Dad would be sent back to Little Rock and he'd be here for Christmas. I thought that was a very positive way to look at things... :-)

Speaking of Christmas, I picked up a couple CD's at Wal-Mart on Friday... One is called "30 Christmas Stars" and the other is "Humbug! Gold." Now, the "30 Stars" CD has two discs - one with various 'rock/adult contemporary' artists and the other is all country artists... Okay, I never listen to Jethro Tull as a youngster. But, for some reason, I had it in my head they were a rock band... Are they not? Well, whatever they are, on this CD, they are like some weird celtic band.. I mean, we thought we would have to break out the river dance clogs, man... The rest of the first CD is a lot like that - not what you expect when you're looking at the lst of artists: Crash Test Dummies, Kenny Loggins, Kim Carnes, Nancy Wilson, Suzanne Ciani... The country CD is MUCH better - Suzy Boguss, Sawyer Brown, Asleep at the Wheel, Steve Wariner, and more... I'm making a clock with the first CD and keeping the other one for rotation in the 6-disc changer I won back in 1989... Yes, I still have it, and yes it still works great!

Okay, so let's talk about "Humbug! Gold..." It's ironic that I have been discussing cover songs lately, because this CD is full of parodies (ala Weird Al) of our favorite Christmas songs... I find it quite hilarious - a sentiment not shared by everyone in the family.. :-) But, come on, how can you not love songs like "Little Plumber Boy," "O Little Bank Americard," "Oh Tanning Bed," and others?! :-) Just for kicks, I knew I had to share some of the lyrics from my favorites on the CD:

"The Little Plumber Boy"
The little plumber boy, A rump a plumb plumb, They called him “Plumber Roy”, A rump a plumb plumb, He had no belt I spied, A rump a plumb plumb, His half moon filled our eyes, A rump a plumb plumb, Rump a plumb plumb, Rump a plumb plumber, Shall we tell him, A rump a plumb plumb, We see your buns?

"Oh Little Bank Americard"
O little Bank Americard, Like money that grows on trees. I sign my name, I feel no pain, Til late January. And if I reach my limit, Don’t think the shopping’s done.
Take heart dear soul, Don’t lose control, Just order another one.

" All Ye Fretful"
Dot com all ye fretful, Joyless and disgruntled, Dot com ye, dot com ye,
Just buy it on line.

And, of course... "Joy to the World, Fed Ex has Come!"
Joy to the world, Fed Ex has come! They’ve saved me once again. I ordered much too late, To get it Christmas day, But for twenty extra bucks, They’ll put it in their trucks, And they’ll get it to me, So I won’t be a schmuck.

If you just gotta have this CD, you can get more info at the WonderWorks website, or hit your local Wal-Mart and visit the Christmas music display in the Christmas stuff section... :-)

We went and did a LOT of Christmas shopping today. We still have a long way to go, but it really did make a huge dent in things! :-) While out and about, I decided to buy a red bow for the front of my truck... :-) It probably won't stay on very long, but that's okay, it only cost a buck, so what the hey, right? :-)

I'll have to wash my truck off again and take some pictures... Sine the last pictures I posted, I've added some more vinyl and other doo-dads... :-) Let's just say it is getting easier and easier to pick my truck out of a crowd, which makes life a while lot easier after a day of shopping at the mall! :-) Naturally, I still have some things I want to do, but I haven't quite figured out all I want to add yet... And where/how I want to add it.. I don't want my truck to look stupid, ya know?

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