Dec 18, 2006

How long is TOO long?

On Sunday, we headed to my brother's house to pick up Emily's new bed (more on THAT in a minute). On the way, we stopped off at Cracker Barrel for... let's call it brunch... We arrive at approximately 11:00 and are seated almost immediately. After 10 minutes or so, the waitress takes our orders... There are eight of us in the group... We wait for our food... and wait... and wait... and wait... Now, if I were to write out the phrase "and wait" once for each minute we had to actually wait until our waitress finally says something about how long it's taking, I would have-to write it out 45 times... Yes, FORTY-FIVE minutes before the waitress comes over to tell us our food is late. Okay, the truth is, we called her happy butt over and were demanding to know what the blankety-blank was going on. The Assistant Manager, or whoever he was, came over and apologized - something about our ticket being blown behind the grill because of a vent fan... Whatever. When we DO get our order, it's not complete, and if I remember correctly one of the orders was not even right... Our retribution? We were offered free desserts, but by that time we were running behind, were not hungry, and we just wanted out of there. They knocked 3 dollars off ONE bill (we have 3 separate checks). In retrospect, Shan said we should have all taken the desserts to go (to which I thought - yeah, and let them watch us throw them in the trash on the way out the door...). So, how long is TOO long to wait for food? Yes, I realize the mistake could have happened to anyone (in fact, 3 other tables had their tickets also blown away). But, having been in the food service industry, after about 15-20 minutes, I would have checked on the order, and immediately told the customer what was going on.... Maybe that's just me....

Emily has been upgraded to "Twin Bed" status as of Sunday... When my brother and his wife said they were giving Emily a new bed, we didn't know this new bed was going to require a ladder for her to climb up into it! :-) Her bed is taller than just about any other bed I have ever seen (not including loft-style or bunk, of course). Thanks to the wood frame railing, Emily can get into it, though. Of course, getting a new bed meant rearranging the room... Luckily, there were several hands-on-deck for that part. So, now Emily has a new bed with Bratz sheets and covers. She's very excited to have a 'big girl' bed! :-)

While poking around the Blogger world, I came across Damn Cool Pics. And, well, it's very aptly named. For fun, here are a couple examples of things you'll find there:

3-D Street Art - flat images painted on the street to look 3-D...

And one of my favorite street art designs:

There are also strange accident pictures:

And, yes, I truly, truly hate to see this one:

(Yeah, that's a Corvette under there.... :-( )

There are a lot more pictures and all kinds of different things, so check it out... :-)

After that last pic, I just had to do a Google search for Corvette accidents... I'd post some of the pics here, but really, it's just too brutal... I mean, they ARE 'Vettes, ya know.....

Oh, before I forget: Turns out Dad was missing the results of only ONE blood test! He wasn't told this until he went for the blood draw, of course... So, unless he fails that one (which Mom says she'll kill him if he does), he will be cleared for his European duties...

I love learning how things came to be... Recently, I have learned of the origin of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and where shopping carts came from... Though, I learned the origin of the shopping cart from one of the "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" books... Nothing like passing... time... with an Uncle John's... :-) I also checked on a few things I had mentioned in earlier posts: An Uncle Tom is usually an African-American who 'betrays' other blacks by 'giving in' or subserving to whites and/or the 'white establishment.' Here is a much better explanation... And someone who refers to something being "John Brown," is usually referring to a violent solution to racial problem. Again, Wikipedia has a definition in progress... While I'm talking about that, I do not go to Wikipedia for everything, but it does offer (usually) well-researched, verified materials and definitions, so why not, right? :-)

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