Dec 10, 2006

Upside-down biscuits and the sugar NOBODY wants...

Okay, class, today we have a lot of ground to cover... :-)

Shan made Paula Deen's Pineapple Upside-down Biscuits at my request. And, man were they awesome! If you have not tried these, either make them yourself or find someone who will do it for ya!

Emily had a pretty busy day today - running around, went bowling, shopped for Tyler's Christmas presents.... While getting ready for bed, she came running into the room where Shan was, very excited about a discovery she had made.... Sitting on the floor, she spread her toes and proudly exclaimed, "Look! Sugar!" Aren't you glad I told you about the biscuits BEFORE this? :-)

Have you ever been somewhere (say, Wal-Mart) and saw someone you were pretty sure you recognized, but couldn't seem to place them in a context? And then, that person recognizes you while you are still trying to place that person... I am not very good at the whole 'poker face' thing, so I'm sure my dumbfounded look was very obvious... Then, of course, after Emily comes out of the restroom, we start to walk off, and I say goodbye to the person, and Emily shouts out, "Who is that, Daddy?" I was humiliated... As it turns out, I initially thought it was one person, then later realized the person I could not place was the PRINCIPAL at one of my schools! UGH! I feel pretty stupid... Now, I face the dilemma of saying anything about it to her or not... My gut tells me to blow it off, and hope she never mentions it and she doesn't hold it against me come performance evaluation time.. :-) I've decided that if I am ever in that situation again, I will be forthcoming about the whole thing.... Maybe.... :-)

I was feeding the goats on Saturday, and noticed their water container seemed to be frozen solid... After a quick check, however, I realized that there was more like a couple inches of ice, but the rest was water... So, I dumped out the ice, and to my surprise, what came out was a huge "highball glass" shaped piece of ice! Evidently, the sides had frozen to a thickness of about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch and the (now) bottom of the 'glass' was about 2 inches... I wish I had taken a picture! It was one of the coolest things I have seen! It was literally a glass of ice! :-)

CMT Goofy Christmas Countdown

The other day, we watched the CMT Top 20 Merriest Christmas Videos, or something like that... What I thought was going to be a heartfelt compilation of warm, fuzzy holiday videos was instead...well...a lot like being stuck in the middle of a redneck version of Dr. Demento... In my opinion, the guest commentators were the best part of the show! Hilarious "insights" (especially the Ornament!)...

While doing some housecleaning in preparation for Christmas, we decided to sell a bunch of videos the kids don't watch anymore. Turns out there are exactly 100 of them that we opted to sell on eBay (Wanna see?)... I never realized just how many videos the kids had until I made a database of them to help with my selling... I also never realized how many Pooh videos we had... :-)

Okay, I mentioned earlier that Emily had gone bowling... Well, Tyler had been invited to a party and to help kill time, Emily and I bowled a couple games... This is something I should not admit, but I will because I can take it... The first game, Emily and I bowled the EXACT same score.... 91... Yeah, I nearly got my rear handed to me by a four-year old that I have to help push the ball down the lane.... She is also very quick to point out that she knocked down more pins than I did (referring to her strike)... I tend to get overly competitive, so it was good for me to tie her... :-) I need a little humble pie sometimes... Evidently, I must have been starving based on the past few days alone (refer to the Wal-Mart incident, and also see my Aunt's response to my whole SEMI thing....Oh, and I guess the whole "song covering" thing, too...)...

Which reminds me... I am not a fan of the Eagles 'tribute' album... I understand why it was done, I guess, but when the originals are so great, everything else just comes off as karaoke... What's so funny is that I remembered I had once done a country version of a couple of Michael Jackson's songs (The Way You Make Me Feel - substituting things like 'you knock me outta my boots now, baby....') Yeah, it sucked... Maybe that's where my bias comes in... :-)

So, class, to recap today's topics: Upside-down biscuits, humble pie, and toe-jam sugar.... Does life get any better? :-)

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