Dec 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!

Though my last post was officially started on Christmas Eve, I thought I would spit out random who-knows-whats that pop in my head at a more 'coherent' time... Though, it's really hard to say if anything related to me should be anywhere even close to associated with the word 'coherent.' Those of you that know me well most likely had that very thought pop into your own head before I typed it out here, however! :-)

I forgot to mention that we decorated cookies yesterday. I suppose I also forgot to mention that the cookies we bought were pre-formed (just punch them out and place them on the cookie sheet!) and that even though these cookies were CHRISTMAS cookies, the only colors that were included were red and green... How do you decorate a snowman, I dunno... WHITE!? DUH! So, I made a little trip to Wally World to pick up some decorating icing. Yeah, it took about an hour for the round trip, but it was well worth it! Emily got more on her face that she did on the cookies! In hindsight, I shoulda taken pictures.... Ah well, just imagine that little face to the right on here having little green strips of icing running from her mouth to her chin! Tyler showed some very ingenious creativity, and I must admit that his mother and I didn't do half-bad... (Alright, Shan did very, very well with her decorating.... I had couple 'gems,' but really, I think I made more of a mess than anything...) Okay, no one is going to offer us a show on the Food Network, but hey, we had fun... :-)

While watching our DVR'd CMT Top 20 countdown of 2006 (yeah, we DVR just about everything we want to watch so we can fast-forward commercials - it's awesome), there was an interview with Rodney Atkins and he told the story of the school calling him to tell him that his son was singing his latest song in the lunch line.... Evidently, if you're going through the lunch line, you cannot be singing 'If you're going through hell....' :-) I bring this up because that happens to be one of Emily's favorite songs. So far, we don't think she has caught on to the actual lyrics though, because she is still singing "If you're going somewhere..." Which, of course, triggered my previous look at Disney Radio versions of songs... I looked but could not find a 'kid-friendly' version of the song... Maybe we should offer Emily's lyrics as a choice... :-)

I was flipping through the channels the other day and came across "The Math of Santa." Now, the first thing that might pop into your head is, "Oh, another one of those 'why Santa couldn't possibly be real..' shows." Well, that's what popped into mine, anyway. And, yes, that was part of it. But, I was surprised to see the same guy who showed why Santa couldn't do it turn around and show how Santa can do it. I admit, it involved some math and concepts I am not very familiar with, but it was interesting to watch the formula unfold... Before I am ripped to shreds by a reader or two, remember, I am very well aware of the history of Saint Nicholas. But, no matter how old I get, I hope to always, always believe in the magic of Christmas, beginning with the magic of how it all began in the first place - without Christ, there is no Christmas.

Which reminds me... On the radio yesterday, the announcer was talking and at one point, he said, "I'm not going to be politically correct. If they fire me, they fire me. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Merry Christmas!" I couldn't help but smile...

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  1. Pretty busy with Christmas myself, but you posted alot here! Made my head spin!!